Tennis US Open Prediction 

Tennis US Open Prediction

US open has always been the last major tennis tournament that many always look to see how the tennis player cap there year. While the Australian open has an equal affection as the US Open, as it signifies how many would establish their dominance but the US Open always captivate many to see the end of the majors in the year. 

In fact, the 2021 US Open could create a new chapter as the Serbian could eventually surpass Rafael Nadan and Roger Federer as the most major title won n men single in the open era with his eye possibly on attaining the 21 grand slam of his career. 

The swift Serb defeated Daniel Medvedev in the first major of the year at Australian Open, Stefano Tsitsipas in Roland Garros final in France, Matteo Beretini at the final of Wimbledon in England and now he has set his sight on achieving the new era of winning the four major in a year. 

Though, it was a clear objective from the start of the campaign on 30 of August that Novak Djokovic might be winning the US Open except there is big upset in the tournament as the Serbian was favored by the sports and odds to scoop his 21st grand slam. 

Although, it was Alexandre Zverev that had recently outmuscled the most inform tennis player in 2021, Novak Djokovic in the Japan Olympic 2020 when he defeated the Serbian in the semifinal of the Olympic competition.

However, the German is once again paired with the Serbian in another mouthwatering semifinal encounter in the US Open – could it be a repeat of the Olympic or the Serbian would exert his revenge on the German.

Moreover the tendency of achieving a repetition on the Serbian is a little too overestimated as the Serbian had been sliding and gliding against all his opponent while he his motivated to open the door of the new dawn in open era of tennis major. 

But, having to face the old foe that knocked him out of the Olympic in Japan and halting his chance to ever win the Olympic gold medal which might be little harder to achieve in three years time in Paris. However, facing such for could have an effect on the court.

Although, Novak Djokovic have the best chance to win the US Open 2021 in flushing Meadows, but having to deal with Alexander Zverev is complicated enough to make the German win his maiden grand slam this year at the Flushing Meadows. 

The German will certainly grow in confidence going to the semi final encounter with Djokovic after retreating the world No. 1 in the semifinal of the Olympic after going down on a set to the Serbian initially.

While the German has hit a big form of late, Zverev will be looking to capitalize on his new found form to earn his place among the best in the end. However, the obstacle in front of the German talented tennis player is the Serbian. Thus, the mouthwatering semifinal encounter can go either way between the Serb and the German. 

However, no matter how the result of the semifinal between Djokovic and Zverev panned out, there is even a bigger obstacle laying down on the winner in the final while the winner will have to challenge either Auger Aliassime Felix or Daniel Medvedev in the final. 

Many would have believe that the Canadian should be satisfied with his run to the semifinal. Though, his chances of advancing past the Russian player is very slim as Medvedev is equally looking to establish his chance of winning the grand slam for the first time after failing against the overwhelming favorite in Australian Open earlier this year. 

I’m fact, as the world ranking stipulated, the second seeded player, Daniil Medvedev is touted to be playing in the final with which rank the number one seeded player, Novak Djokovic to be playing the final. But with the power and strength of Auger Aliassime Felix and his sheer willingness, he might just be advancing to his first grand slam final against all odds. 

The Canadian is well energized and ready for any challenge after defeating the eighteenth seeded Bautista Agut in third round, he further establish himself when he defeated passionate Tiafoe in the round of 16 and advancing past the unseeded Alcaraz Garcia in the quarter final. 


He would be facing his biggest challenge in the semifinal encounter when he face second seeded Medvedev. But with New York fans cheering the Canadian, there is potential of the Aliassime Felix reaching the final. 

Also, while Medvedev have had the chance to win the grand slam on two occasion but fell behind again Rafael Nadal in 2019 US Open final and 2021 Australian Open final. But with the 2021 US Open, the Russian might have the chance to rewrite his history and paint his name among the grand slam winners 

While he might face the foe that halt his Australian Open ambition in the final of the first grand slam he lost, Medvedev can use this medium to exert his revenge while claiming his first grand slam where he first lost it. 

However, while the last four player have the chance to be on the final and the odds are in the favor of both Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev to close the year major and lighting up the first major in and emphatic fashion, the Canadian and the German are well placed to advance beyond the the two most seeded player. 

Despite the chances ahead for all the four players, but it is more in the favor of the Serbian and the Russian to once again close the major tennis tournament after the earlier encounter. In fact, the Serbian will be having his tournament to lose. 

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