The 5 best games for an evening out with friends

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How to have fun with friends and family? This question has become especially pertinent during the prolonged quarantine period. Cinemas, shopping malls, and quest rooms have more than once closed for long periods of time. And gambling entertainment in a home format has become especially popular. Another weekend or lockdown coming up? Now’s the time to stock up on popcorn, refreshments and pick up a few ideas for an interesting evening out with friends.

Idea 1. Home Casino

It’s hard to find a more fun activity than going to the casino. But you don’t need to travel to a casino at home to have your casino at home. First, you need to find a successful gambling platform. Look for non gamstop sites in advance, get registered and together with your friends, find an interesting entertainment.

What modern online casinos have to offer:

  • Slot machines of different genres and themes.
  • Card games (especially popular today poker).
  • Roulette.

How to play in a casino with friends? Most likely, the aim of the game will be not so much to win as to have fun. So it is worth trying as many variations of the games as possible. To start with, stack up with friends in small equal portions of money so that you can add a substantial amount to your account at the online casino site. Slots are always fun to start with. Pick casino sites that offer free spins no deposit no gamstop. These are great odds of winning, so your gambling evening may end up with a solid top-up.

Give every member of your team a chance to play at the casino. For example, set a game limit of 20 minutes. And friends can change slots or try their hand at blackjack, poker and baccarat at their discretion.

For a good night out, make sure you create the right atmosphere. Play online casino games on a projector screen, light candles, use scented stick, offer cigars to your friends.

Idea 2. Monopoly

The legendary and world-famous board game. A board game where you have to count money and only true strategists win. It’s worth playing for real money to make the game truly captivating. A mere 2 hours of play time, and one of your friends becomes a confident monopolist who has amassed a full pot.

What makes Monopoly interesting:

  • A new plot develops each time the game is played.
  • A great opportunity to learn financial planning.
  • A vivid demonstration of the concept of “investment” in practice.
  • An exciting and always unpredictable game with bonuses, prison and secret tasks.

Who is Monopoly suitable for? You can play it from a young age. Even then there is a clear understanding of the value of money, and the game will show the player’s weaknesses well. Great fun for students who are still living the high life. Or for friends who can barely make it to their next paycheck. All in all, Monopoly is a fun evening with the benefit of developing financial literacy.

Idea 3. Mafia

One of the best activities for a very large group of friends. The game can hardly even be called a board game. It’s more like a gambling game with social role-playing. Mafia is played all over the world. But this board game is believed to be of Italian origin.

The aim of the game is to find all members of a mafia group and those in authority who might be in cahoots with them. The score goes to each round – as the mafia wakes up at night and takes out one of the civilians.

This game is very interesting and confusing if 10 or more players are involved. So Mafia will be a gambling intellectual pastime for a big party.

Idea 4. Card tournaments

No one prevents you from opening a real gambling house for one evening. And even organise a friendly poker tournament. Though the choice of card games is up to you. It is better to give preference to options that are familiar and understandable to absolutely everyone: bridge or canasta.

For admission to the playhouse, take a token fee from each friend. This money will go into the joint bank. And by the end of the evening one of your friends will have hit the jackpot.

Pick an experienced croupier in advance – someone who is very familiar with different types of card games, rules and terminology. He will be an experienced host who will run the tournament. Most likely, you should look for him among your friends who like to spend time at online casino sites.

Idea 5. Uno 

The game, which became popular all over the world, was invented exactly 50 years ago by an ordinary American hairdresser. The game doesn’t require any special skills. Just remember the rules and show a quick reaction. A very noisy and fun activity that will help you relax at the end of the day together with your friends.

One of the main advantages of Uno is the multiple variations of the game. You can even make up your own rules to suit your friends’ ages and preferences.

You’ll need a special pack of cards for this fun game. In the classic version of the game, there are 108 of them. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards first. In Uno, the most attentive and cunning participants always win.

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