The 5 Best Luxury Cigars

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You might be celebrating a milestone or sitting down with a beverage in special company. Tradition suggests that Cuban cigars are the best in the world. So China thinks, replacing Spain last year as the top buyer of Cuban cigars.

But is there anything more satisfying than a luxury cigar on a special occasion? Yet when it’s time to smoke a cigar, choosing one can be confusing.

So, if you want a guide to the best cigars available today, keep reading. Here are the top five luxury cigars for your enjoyment.

Cigar Etiquette

If you have been around cigars for some time, you know the proper way to smoke a cigar. But for the novices out there, here’s a short course in the best cigar etiquette.

First, to cut the cigar tip, it’s best to use a proper cigar clipper. If you’re planning to enjoy luxury cigars, don’t skimp on the accessories. Look for an extra cap line at the rolled end and cut above the line.

After you make a straight cut, light the other end with a butane lighter. Instead of using the flame, hold the cigar to the heat. Then, rotate the cigar to roast the tip.

When you draw on the cigar, take a long slow pull. This method of smoking a cigar is called keeping the cherry cool. Drawing too strong overheats the end and makes the taste harsher.

Try to find a balance with the cherry and let the ash fall. Enjoy the rich aromas and taste, but don’t smoke a cigar too slow. A steady pace will do the trick.

1. Padron Serie 1926 No. 35 Robusto Maduro

These Corona cigars are four inches and have aged five years. They deliver an exceptional combination of smoothness and complexity.

The blend of tobaccos gets encased in a midnight black Maduro wrapper. Each box comes with a unique number for authenticity. And every one of these Nicaraguan cigars is, as expected, handmade.

2. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

Well known as the ultimate smoker’s cigar, the Cameroon wrapper gives it a natural color. Hints of coffee bean, wood, and spice linger in the air of this medium-bodied delight.

3. Diamond Crown Maximus

If you prefer robust types of cigars, this blend of Dominican tobaccos is for you. The robust flavors are well-balanced, thanks to the expertise of the Fuente family.

The cigar gets wrapped in a sun-grown Ecuadorian leaf. Moisture seeps down from the mountains rich in minerals to enhance the flavors.

4. Davidoff Nicaragua

One of the best-known cigar brands, Davidoff offers one of the best short smokes. Also, a full-body cigar, it’s rolled in Habano leaf with natural color.

The deep flavor tastes of nuts, cedar, and spice. Easy drawing and smooth, it’s a great smoke, if not a long one.

5. Ashton Estate Sun Grown

This number is among the best in the history of Ashton cigars. Taking a Dominican wrapper that’s never used on another cigar, the Estate Sun Grown is one of a kind.

You may have trouble locating this Ashton cigar because only 50,000 were ever produced. However, the full-bodied luxury cigar is a 20th Anniversary special from 2006.

Enjoy Luxury Cigars

Choosing luxury cigars is always a matter of personal taste. But if you know what you like, your options are fun to try. So next time you have that special occasion, smoke a cigar that meets your expectations.

When the final ash drops, you will be glad you chose the best that money can buy. And if you got a draw from this article, come back for some more insights.

When the final ash drops, you will be glad you chose the best that money can buy. And if you got a draw from this article, come back for some more insights.

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