The Benefits of Hiring a Technical Writer

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 58,400 people employed as technical writers in 2019. This industry is also expected to grow by about 7% within the next eight years.

If you’re considering hiring a technical writer, the good thing is that you have many options to choose from. There are many perks to hiring a technical writer.

This guide will explain some of these benefits in detail. Keep reading to learn what they are.

They Can Communicate Clearly

The job of a technical writer is to write documentation or manuals for your company’s products or services. Their job requires translating complex jargon into simple to understand instructions.

Even an entry-level technical writer can translate complex concepts into clear instructions. A technical writer’s ability to communicate clearly is one of the most appealing benefits of hiring them.

Having easy-to-understand instruction manuals will help your company look professional. When customers can understand how to use your products, they’re more likely to choose your company.

They Understand Targeted Language 

You want to work with a technical writer to develop instruction manuals for your products. Technical writers always write using targeted language. Technical writers are trained to write with a target audience in mind too.

A technical writer puts themselves in the shoes of the customer. This means they’ll search for the best way to explain your specific services.

A professional writer will use specialized language to explain how your company’s product will meet their needs. The work of a technical writer will help you build a customer list and keep it for years to come.

You’ll Save Money 

If you’re worried about having to pay a high technical writer salary, you’ll be relieved to find out that hiring a technical writer can save you money. If you decide to have your in-house team produce your documentation or manuals, you’re likely getting a programmer or developer to work on this writing.

The salary of a programmer is significantly higher than that of a technical writer, especially if your programmer works for you full time. When you hire a freelance technical writer, you won’t have to pay a full salary, you’ll only need to pay for the work produced.

Technical writers are also trained in this type of writing, so they can produce the work you need in a shorter time period. This way, your developers don’t have to divide their time between writing documentation and their other work.

They’ll Write From an Impartial Perspective

While an in-house developer probably knows the product they’ve worked so hard on the best, they might not be the best person to write the product manual on it. A product team member might give too many extraneous descriptions about the product.

Explaining the details of your product is an important part of creating the product manual, but writing that’s too wordy can get confusing. A hired technical writer has no stake in your company’s product so they’re able to write concisely, stating the facts, and remain impartial.

Hiring a technical writer to complete your product manual will eliminate all of these issues. You’ll receive something that your customers can understand without an issue.

They Can Focus on the Writing

Another benefit of hiring a remote technical writer is that they’ll give 100% of their attention to the writing you need for your company product. Your job is to lead your company, while other employees have various other responsibilities they need to take care of.

When you hire a technical writer for documentation and manual writing, their sole responsibility is to write the content you need. Your writer can work on each document and complete them in time for product launch, a busy time for your other employees.

You’ll know that you’re getting quality content from a technical writer because they have the experience to capture the voice of your company while using easy to understand language.

Technical Writers Use a Professional Format

Technical documents and manuals require a specific format to help keep them concise and easy to read. A technical writer will know what professional format to use to create a quality document your customers won’t struggle to navigate.

Technical writers will also create a visually appealing document for your customers. They’ll ensure that standard font, font size, and the right color is used. This not only makes the document easy to read but reflects on the professionalism of your company as well.

Even if you create great products, customers will remember the entire experience with your company. You’ll keep loyal customers by offering them an easy experience with learning how to use your product. This is just one of the many reasons why you should hire a technical writer.

They Can Reduce the Burden on Support Staff

Another great benefit of hiring a technical writer is that they can make the lives of the support staff much easier. A technical writer will write a product manual from the perspective of a customer. They’ll explain some of the most common questions and concerns the customers may have.

Since technical writers provide all the necessary information in such an easy way, any customer who reads the manual won’t need to call support for help figuring out how to use the product. This will reduce the call load on your staff significantly.

The Benefits of Hiring a Technical Writer Explained

There are many benefits to hiring a technical writer including getting quality and professional content and saving money too.

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