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Making a cover for a music album requires careful work and consideration of the most important aspects to represent correctly the aspects the album is suggested to express. That’s why you need a tool that would allow for the most variability with the minimum resources required. And the VistaCreate free online cd cover maker is the best for this purpose. Why exactly? Let’s clear it out!

What aspects of the album cover to consider

When creating an album cover, you need to keep many aspects in mind. Most of them refer to the content of the album itself. But if to generalize the requirements a little, we’d need to have regarded on:

  • the main idea of the album – what is leading through that we aim to express;
  • the means we used in the clip to represent some ideas – maybe it’s necessary to make some references if we make an album cover after shooting the clip;
  • the associations we build the expression on – they evoke emotions which are a strong tool that makes people continue listening or switch off;
  • eye-catching – if the album is the first thing people see, it should attract attention and make potential listeners interested;
  • use accent colors that are connected to the main emotions and to the major brand colors (where the brand is the performer’s name);
  • it’s great if the music style has some references to the visual style elements – it makes the album belong to a subculture, which can be an indispensable element for its promotion and entering a cultural value.

These aspects are the most significant when you talk about visual elements in music. The most difficult part is finding an edition tool that would help consider all the abovementioned. 

How VistaCreate corresponds to these requirements

VistaCreate corresponds the most if compared to other similar tools. Moreover, VistaCreate is not only a CD cover creator – it’s a complex tool for working with many modern platforms. It is really good to create a positive image about yourself if you’re not only performing but keeping in touch with your audience constantly. 

If to look more closely, VistaCreate provides the following features that make it stand out:

  • most features provided are free of charge – baseline functionality and something more to feel comfortable;
  • the tool is easy to use and is not demanding – no installation issues or storage space requirements because everything is done online;
  • great opportunities for presentations – adding pages, animated designs, objects, etc.;
  • everything to keep it harmonized and unified – it’s easy to create a brand kit to not search for the same elements every time.

And many more features to explore. 

The best about VistaCreate is that everything is on the surface. Just visit the website and explore simple picture editing as it is not a fairy tale anymore!


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