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AWP is the most popular and in-demand sniper rifle among Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. The AWP is an incredibly effective weapon in the game that can kill an enemy with just one shot to any body part (except legs). The ultimate damage is nicely accompanied by the sniper scope the user gets. AWP is available for purchase by teams in CS:GO. Of course, with its damage advantages and ability to kill the enemy with one bullet, it costs no less than $4,750. Users can’t always afford a sniper rifle but this incredible weapon should definitely be considered a good investment.

Meanwhile, to customize your weapon and enjoy your game to the fullest, you can apply AWP skins. In this review, we will primarily focus on the Hyperbeast AWP skin and describe the benefits of purchasing the Factory New option.

Why should you buy Factory New skins?

We believe that the AWP Hyperbeast Factory New skin is always a good investment. Everyone wants to acquire a rare or unique item. But it should be noted that not only is the item’s rarity important, but also its quality. The ideal option is to buy a Factory New quality skin, but it costs much more than all the others. Still, this is exactly what the developer intended when creating the skin — there are no scratches or scuffs. If you get a Battle-Scarred weapon, there are almost no remnants of the former color and it is difficult to understand how the skin looked originally.

Also, some weapon skins have a StatTrak function. This function is installed along with the skin, and when you kill someone with this weapon, it will be recorded in the statistics. Skins with this feature cost more and are of greater rarity. However, if you find a Factory New ST Hyperbeast skin in the marketplace, it is definitely worth your investment.

More about Hyperbeast Factory New for the CS:GO audience

The AWP Hyperbeast skin is classified as Secret, and a modification with a StatTrak is also available. The weapon is included in the Falchion collection along with the M4A1-S assault rifle, Five-SeveN pistol, and Nova shotgun. The skin first appeared in CS:GO in May 2015 as part of the Falchion case and became available in the Steam workshop 18 months later. Despite its average popularity today, the price of the AWP Hyperbeast (Factory New) does not decrease, regularly growing by several points. This makes the Hyperbeast skin a good long-term investment.

Keeping in mind your investment intentions, we recommend primarily focusing on the Factory New skin, which better delivers the color palette — a combination of red, orange, green, and blue. The Hyperbeast AWP Rifle is a crazy combo of acidic colors and tints, depicting a predatory creature that covers almost the entire body of the weapon. Depending on the float value, there are strong signs of wear and tear on the case, and bare metal shows in the Well-Worn skins. However, the predatory element remains intact.

Where to buy/sell the Hyperbeast skin

As you probably know, selling your CS:GO skins on Steam is not ideal because you will not be able to withdraw cash to your bank account. That is why we recommend you focus on alternative platforms, the best of which is definitely DMarket. This marketplace allows users to directly sell/buy CS:GO skins at favorable prices. For example, here are the current prices for the Hyperbeast AWP skin:

  • Factory New (0,07 fv) with StatTrak — $186;
  • Factory New (0,066 fv) without StatTrak — $75;
  • Minimal Wear (0,1040 fv) with ST — $110;
  • Minimal Wear (0,1286 fv) without ST — $45;
  • Field Tested (0,3412 fv) with ST — $58;
  • Field Tested (0,3473 fv) without ST — $26.

We don’t really recommend buying the Well-Worn or Battle-Scared skins if you want to sell them after a while. They will not bring you as much profit and excitement. DMarket has a wide selection of alternative AWP skins like Dragon Lore, Asiimov, Boom, etc. Choose the skin you like and use it as a long-term investment.

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