The best Gift i have received

The best Gift i have received

In my life, giving and receiving a gift from family and friends has been a way to show our love and appreciation for one another. Many girls like feng shui bracelet or jewerly,i also like the brace umisoul but With that being said, I have always remembered the gift that meant the most to me. To this day, I will always remember receiving flowers every Valentine’s Day and birthday at school from my grandparents up until I was twelve. In this essay, I will be telling you the story behind these specific gifts and why it holds such a special place in my heart.

To begin this story, I need to give some background for my family. My grandparents on my mother’s side own a floral shop called Powell the Florist. This shop has been in my family since it was built in 1903, and it has been passed down three generations. My grandfather now owns this shop and works beside my grandmother and many other family members including aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, and more. At some point almost every person in my family on my mothers side has either helped on busy holidays or worked there through the summer. So as you could probably imagine, we are all pretty close to each other on my mother’s side of the family.

At a young age, I was constantly around my grandma and grandpa at their shop, so this place became almost a safe haven for me. I was constantly learning about different flowers, how they needed to be cared for, whether they needed lots of sun or not, and how to cut them and assemble them together into an arrangement. I remember my grandparents always giving me a few stems of different flowers and letting me make my own arrangements, so I could learn to do what they did. It always felt so good and rewarding to be able to get to do this and then have them put my arrangement in the cooler on display so that it could be sold. This made flowers a special gift in my life by themselves so when I would receive them as a gift, it would make me feel so happy.

When I first started elementary school, of course that took a lot of time away from me being in the shop. My birthday is a few months into the school year, so when it came to the day I got my first surprise gift from my grandparents at school. They would send a mini vase that typically contained roses, baby’s breath, greenery, and sometimes even carnations. The arrangements always looked different, but they were sure to always put some of my favorite colors in there and leave a little card in the flowers as well. The card no matter what would be signed, “we love you. -Gma and Gpa.”

This gift was always so special because it was unique every time, and it came from two of my favorite people. It was always appreciated because I knew that they didn’t have to do it every year, and I never really expected it every year, but every time that those flowers would be brought into my classroom either on Valentine’s Day or my birthday, I would just feel pure joy because I already knew where they were coming from. Although the flowers were such an amazing gift on their own, it felt so much better knowing that I would get to see my grandparents after school and be able to spend time with them to thank them for their gift. To this day anytime receive flowers I think of them and their shop.

I love the gift that my grandparents would always give me such a unique and thoughtful gift, but the best thing about all of it was that it was just a reminder how blessed I am to have such an amazing bond with those two. Many people don’t get the chance to meet some of their grandparents or form close relationships with them so the fact that I was able to do both and still have a strong relationship with them to this day is more than I could ever ask for. Having my grandparents is a gift in itself.

Now that I am an adult I have found myself following my grandparents footsteps. By this I mean that I tend to go straight to flowers when I need or want to get someone a gift. ‘Many times when a friend or family member has been down or sick I have gone to my grandparents to see if they could make something beautiful that I could give them. Every time I have given a person flowers, they have been so surprised and happy by it. It makes me happy that I can spread the joy and love that my grandparents gave to me by giving back to others. Something as simple as a flower can leave a lifetime of memories for a person, just like it has for me.

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