The Best Job Resume For You

The Best Job Resume For You

Are you planning on writing a job resume and can’t figure out how or which style to use? There are different types of resumes depending heavily on the purpose of writing and the intended audience. The selection criterion for a resume is your current circumstances.

  1. Chronological Resume

When writing such a resume, you begin with listing your work history. The ideal style is to list them with the most recent position appearing first on the list. Below that, the other jobs are listed (in reverse chronological order).

This type is the most preferred by employers because it is easy to read. It also states clearly the jobs an interviewee has held and for how long.

If you believe your work history is both strong and solid, this one will work best for you. Those starting their careers or changing are advised to use another type.

  1. Functional Resume

Your chronological work history is not considered much in the type of job resume. It focuses more on the owner’s skills and experience. The work history subheading is replaced with professional experience or something like “accomplishments”.

It sometimes includes a resume summary, which lists the owner’s skills and achievements. You do not have to include your employment history but if you want you can make a concise list at the bottom.

You are changing careers or maybe your work history has gaps, this option is ideal for you. It works best for those whose work experience is limited and who are new to the workforce. The advantage lies in the fact that it focuses on skills and not work history to prove one’s ability to deliver.

  1. Combination Resume

This type of job resume can be said to be a mix of the chronological and functional options. It begins with a list of your skills and qualifications followed by a chronological list of your work history. The second part however is never the focus when writing.

Only a small portion is allocated to it. It provides you with an opportunity to showcase your skills (relevant) and at the same time state your work history. Some employers request a work history no matter how short. It is a smart way to highlight why you are best suited while still giving the interviewers all the information they might need.

  1. Infographic Resume

Unlike the conventional job resume where you list your skills, experience, and strength in text, this type allows you to include graphic design elements. The designs you can include are endless, from layout, color, formatting, and icons to font. It is a better way to express yourself to your potential employer.

Bottom Line

Securing a job does not only depend on your skills, how you express yourself is important too. Careful selection of the style or method to use and fluent flow of information are key.

A well-written and designed job resume will surely impress the panel and maybe increase your chances of selection. Pick the best option for yourself and get down to writing.

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