The Best Places to Visit in Singapore

The Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Whenever you visit Singapore, there are a few sites that are ‘a must-see’ for a memorable trip. Whether it’s for work, vacation, or research, these Singapore attractions make you enjoy and appreciate nature and artificial creations that are not only breathtaking but also innovative and beautiful. Here are some of the famous Singapore attractions you should see.

  1. A Million Times at Changi

Do you want to find out what time it is in a fun, amusing, and captivating new way? According to a Stockholm-based artist, all you need is a combination of unpredictable mechanical clocks that swing and reach synchronism randomly.

A Million Times at Changi, one of the world’s biggest kinetic sculptures, also doubles as a functioning clock. So, if you are in Singapore and don’t know what time it is, you could watch analog clocks synchronize their movements through art that captures the concept of time.

2. Kinetic Rain

Once you fly into Singapore, the first place you are likely to be is at the Changi Airport. And that is where the fun and beauty of Singapore start.

Kinetic Rain, a collection of 1216 bronze droplets that resemble rain, is located at terminal 1. On these droplets, you can notice fluid movements that mimic flight motion.

These droplets work with high-precision motors to create the best welcome experience in Singapore. Also check out TheMoneyBees blog for the latest guide and reviews.

3. Marina Bay Sands

Your visit to Singapore is not complete if you do not visit the Marina Bay Sands. This US$5.7 billion resort stands to be the most expensive building in the world, with the largest convention center in Asia.

You can also enjoy historical moments at the ArtScience Museum and other forms of entertainment, from theatre to skating on the indoor skating rink.

  1. Botanical Gardens

Singapore, being a tropical country, boasts a series of beautiful plants and animals. To this effect, there have been people who specialize in growing and rearing rare species of animals and plants.

And if you are in Singapore and want to see some cactus growing or more than 1000 butterflies in their natural habitat, botanical gardens in Singapore speak to you.

5. Manulife Sky Nets

Singapore knows how to appreciate fun for all people. And the sky net bouncing trampoline has to be one of their grandest fun activities.

Once you are in Canopy Park, you can enjoy the thrill of jumping up to 8 meters into the air. You go so high up that you feel like you can touch the clouds.

The thrilling trampoline gives you the childhood excitement of feeling weightless living your life at the moment.

6. Orchard Road

The perfect blend of Asian culture and European trends come to life in the streets of one of the world’s greatest cities. At Orchard Road, you can buy anything, from food to clothes, jewelry, and drinks.

From the numerous clubs, coffee chains, restaurants, and markets, the streets of Singapore come to life, especially during the Christmas season, with reindeers and gingerbread house decorations along the road.

These Singapore attractions are just a few mentions of the beauty that Singapore beholds. The tour of all beautiful attractions begins from the airport to the sea and into the streets of Singapore. You can see art installations, cultural practices, animals in the zoo, botanical gardens, or kinetic art that captures your attention.

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