The Best Things to Do in Orange County

The Best Things to Do in Orange County

Orange County is, for many people, a caricature. It is the place of movies and reality TV shows. It is the stereotype of sun-bleached surfers and rich families. Orange County has all the things and people to affirm the stereotypes, but it has much more. The area has everything you could want if you know where to look. Whether you are trying to find the real place or want to take advantage of the luxury that is here, below are the best things to do in Orange County.  

Eat Tacos

The Mexican and Mexican American community is one of the things that makes Orange County what it is. You simply have not seen Southern California and Orange County if you haven’t eaten at a hole-in-the-wall taco spot. You can also find many amazing taco trucks and high-end Mexican restaurants. Whether you’re in San Clemente or Anaheim, tacos are an essential part of the culture and lifestyle of Orange County. When we say, “let’s get tacos” we really mean “let’s eat some amazing affordable Mexican food.”

Go to the Beach

When it comes to Orange County, you simply must go to the beach. There are plenty of beaches in the area, but few are more unique and special than Laguna Beach. Laguna is known from the show that shares its name, but that’s not a good representation of it at all. While the wealth is there for sure, the culture is much more laid-back and artistic than the show would lead you to believe. Find one of the incredible secluded beaches here. You can also go to Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach. You could go down south for some surfing in Dana Point or San Clemente. You simply haven’t been to Orange County without going to the beach.

Get Outside to Exercise

If Orange County is known for one thing, it’s for an emphasis on appearance. Between Los Angeles and San Diego, Orange County is where people go for a manicured lifestyle. When you like to exercise, you are in no better place than Orange County. The weather is great, providing the ability to go hike, swim, or bike ride. However, if you don’t care much for the outdoors, there is no shortage of gyms in Orange County. Whether you are looking for amenities or a place where you can utilize a variety of equipment, Orange County is a great place to work out in any way you desire.

Go to a Skate Park

Southern California is where modern skateboarding was born. If you are a skater, used to skate, or just enjoy the sport, you should spend some time at a skatepark. Even if you just go to watch and soak up the culture, there is nothing more Southern California than skateboarding. It’s an experience all its own to go watch skaters and get a feel for the local culture. This is a subculture that has spread around the world in a big way. Whether you are a skater yourself or not, the culture has been irrevocably changed by the phenomenon that is skateboarding.

Skip Disney, Go to Knott’s Berry Farm

If you’re a lover of theme parks, you should go a little deeper and choose Knott’s Berry Farm over Disneyland. Knott’s is a uniquely California experience. The Ghost Rider ride is one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the United States. They are known for their berry pies. If you come during Halloween, Knott’s Scary Farm is an experience people love. Whatever your vibe, if you like theme parks Knott’s Berry Farm will satisfy you.

Whatever you are interested in, Orange County is a place full of contradictions and contrasts. It has everything that you expect it to, and much more than that. Whether you are trying to go to the beach, eat some food, drink some beers, or go to a theme park, the region will satisfy you. Are you visiting Orange County for a trip? Are you thinking about moving here? It doesn’t matter your goal. There are some amazing things around Orange County. You just have to look to put in the effort and find what you love in this incredible place.

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