The Best Tips to Organize a Craft Beer Outdoor Party

How to Plan a Party: The Essential Party Planning Checklist

If you are already tired of banal gatherings with a standard set of foods and a classic alcoholic addition in the form of wine or champagne, you need to organize a craft beer outdoor party. This is an interesting and original idea for a weekend or birthday party because you can relax with friends and spend time outdoors.

Preparations for a Craft Beer Party

A beer party implies a relaxed, friendly, and natural atmosphere. Invite your friends, colleagues, and those who love beer and can have fun.

You need to think carefully about the following points for an outdoor beer party to be successful:

  1. Invitation
  2. Venue decoration
  3. Food and drink
  4. Fun games and contests
  5. Equipment


Do you want to make your event or party unique? Start by sending invitations. It is a great idea to write an invitation on a cardboard beer glass holder. Write the guest’s name, date, time, and the location of the party.

Put this type of invitation in an envelope along with a sheet where all the information about the upcoming event will be written.

Venue Decoration

During the warmer months, the best option for spending the weekends would be an outdoor party. You need to take care of shade outside. If you don’t have a large gazebo, set up picnic tents. If you have a large area, consider hiring a gazebo tent for a hassle-free party. Place large and, most importantly, firm wooden tables. If you need a reliable option that can withstand harsh weather conditions like the winds and heavy rain, a heavy duty gazebo is an excellent choice. Heavy duty gazebos are robust and designed to stand the test of time. They provide the security needed during any outdoor event.

There are many decorating ideas. You can decorate the fence and walls at home. Arrange small flags, hang posters about the benefits of a foamy drink, lay tablecloths, and put napkins. Set out a couple of wooden barrels and containers with ice. The main thing is that all components match each other, fitting the theme, and please guests.

Balloons, rows of plates with snacks, and food will be a great addition. Beer glasses, bottles, and dessert coasters will be indispensable.

Do not forget to warn your guests to take their sunglasses as your party will be under the sun!

For your guests to have a memory of such an enchanting party, you can make a photo zone. For example, on a small haystack or wooden barrel, spread a tablecloth and place glasses of beer and other themed items on it.

Food and Drink

Of course, there must be a lot of craft beer at a beer party. You can safely limit your purchase to only this product since there are many types: light or dark, filtered or unfiltered, of varying degrees of alcohol strength and flavors. Also, try to get ale or lager. You can experiment and brew the beer yourself. The rest of the drinks should be non-alcoholic, such as lemonade or soda.

Choose not only the beer that you and your friends like but try new flavors. Also, make sure you have enough drinks for the whole party. Buy them with reserve.

Drinking beer without tasty treats is wrong. Stock up on a wide variety of foods.

Choose snacks that are indispensable for beer. These include chips, doritos, salted fish, nuts, cheeses, or cheese sauces. Prepare your own fries, onion rings, canapés, and whatever you want.

You cannot serve just a snack. Make sure your guests do not leave the party hungry. Choose meat as your main meal. Baked chicken, fried pork or beef steaks, a variety of sausages, and hamburgers are ideal. You can also order pizza.

Set up a grill where you and your friends can cook fish, vegetables, and, of course, meat.

Do not care about table setting. It is best to serve treats on picnic plates. Put all snakes and food on the table at once so guests can choose what they like.

Although the party is dedicated to beer served with delicious food, you should not forget about desserts. Prepare apple strudel, chocolate cake, or muffins.

Fun Games and Contests

The scenario of the party depends on the reason for which it is organized. However, these games or contests are ideal for any craft party:

  • Taster. It is about beer definitions.
  • Accurate shooter. This is throwing rings on beer bottles.
  • Beer pong. Throwing ping-pong balls into the opponent’s glasses. The winner must drink the prize (glass of beer).
  • Erudite. Beer traditions quiz.
  • Board games. On the playing field, indicate the amount of beer you need to drink and the way of doing it.
  • Beer drinking game racing.
  • Quests. Hide a souvenir somewhere. Write tips on where to look for a prize on glasses or ice buckets.
  • Rolling the barrel. Competitors must roll the barrel to the finish line.
  • A competition where you need to choose a beer king or queen. Here, you can come up with a wide variety of options for holding this competition, possibly combining it with other games where the prize will be a crown. Or conduct a mini vote among guests, who will determine the winner.

Organize more games that your guests like because the main rule of any party is a great mood.

What Equipment Do You Need to Make an Outdoor Beer Party?

Beer must be served at the correct temperature. You need to keep it cool at all times. A stainless steel jockey box is ideal for this. This option is much better than the kegerator. It is compact in size and easy to use. Use professional equipment and spare parts from Beverage Craft to be sure that your party will be successful.

A jockey box consists of components to be connected: cooler box, CO2 tank, and beer keg. Load the ice, turn on the faucet, and enjoy a delicious, cold beer.

It’s a godsend for craft outdoor parties. The advantage of such a device is the fact that it cools and dispenses beer without being connected to electricity. Also, it is very easy to clean.

Pour beer into beer glasses or massive mugs with large handles. Although the drink can be drunk from paper or plastic cups, do not use them at your party. Their appearance will spoil all wonderful impressions of the unusual event.

Consider an option with a bar, where you put a jockey box, and spread ice buckets around. This will be another interesting photo zone.

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