The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Electric Bike Simple

5 Benefits of Electric Bike that Prompts Everyone to Use It

Did you know that over 100 million Americans do some type of biking activity every year? Whether it is riding a trail in the great outdoors or an indoor spin class with a fitness instructor, cycling is a great way to exercise, burn calories, and tone your body.

Have you thought about a battery-powered bicycle to help you maintain your energy and ride long distances without much exertion? Here are some tips for finding the best electric bike that will have you riding again in no time.

Choose Your Class

There are three main classes of e-bikes. Most people just starting out with a battery-powered bicycle probably need a class one, where the motor helps you pedal but stops at around 20 miles per hour.

However, if you are a serious biker or want to switch to biking as your main form of transportation, you may want to consider class two or three e-bikes. These bikes usually go up to 28 miles per hour and have a more powerful motor, meaning less energy exertion from you.

Type of Battery

The two main types of batteries you will find on all types of electric bikes are the external battery and integrated battery. This simply refers to the location of the battery on the e-bike.

If you want to charge your battery, it will take around three to five hours to get a full charge for your next ride. Some models have a place for extra batteries so you can take extra long rides without having to recharge. These batteries have a long lifespan of thousands of charges.

Bike Storage

When looking for the best electric bicycle for your needs, you should definitely think about whether you need external storage. If you want to go on long rides or commute to work, you will definitely need somewhere to put your things.

You should also make sure you have somewhere safe to store your battery-powered bicycle. Secure it with a good anti-theft lock or put it somewhere that is not accessible to the public. These bikes are typically much more expensive, and they are more attractive to steal as well.

Consider Gadgets and Add-Ons

The bicycle industry runs on fun things you can add to your bike to make it more accessible. If you ride a lot at night, you will definitely need a headlight so that vehicles can see you.

You can also hook up your electric bicycle to your smartphone, so you will be able to track your rides and fitness goals.

Find the Best Electric Bike for You

If you do not know what type of battery-powered bicycle to buy, you should not have to worry about purchasing the wrong one. with this guide to types of electric bikes, you can find the best electric bike that suits all of your needs.

Would you like to learn about more ways that you can have fun while still staying fit? Check out the Sports section of our site for more ideas to break a sweat and having a great time doing it.

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