The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Wine Cooler Simple

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Did you know that during the March 2020 lockdowns, wine sales increased by 60 percent? Unfortunately, many wine enthusiasts now have an influx of expensive wines, and they don’t know how to preserve them.

Luckily, our guide is here to teach you about the best wine cooler! So keep reading, if you want to preserve your wine and have it taste better.

What Is a Wine Cooler?

A wine cooler is a device that can cool your wine to the perfect temperature. You might be thinking, “why can’t I just use my regular fridge to cool my wine”?

Well for starters, wine coolers use warmer temperatures to cool your wine. This is done to preserve the flavor of your wine.

Regular fridges are too cold for wine which makes it taste flat or stale. However, the best wine fridge will keep your collection fresh and tasty for years! If you want to know more about the specifics of wine preservation, look here for more information!

Can I Put Other Kinds of Alcoholic Beverages in a Wine Cooler? 

In theory, yes you can put any kind of alcoholic drink in a wine cooler! However, we don’t recommend putting any types of bourbons in a wine cooler as these are means to be room temperature.

But as far as beer and other kinds of spirits, you can put them in the wine cooler to preserve their flavors! But don’t overpack your wine cooler as this could cause the overall temperature to increase.

However, it’s not recommended to use a wine cooler for regular drinks like water and sodas as these kinds of drinks are not meant for lower temperatures!

Wine Cooler for Aging Wine

Different types of wine require different storage and consumption instructions.  For example, some wines are means to drink right after purchasing. However, some wines are meant for aging.

If you are not familiar with wine aging, this process works by taking a wine, storing it in a wine cooler, and waiting for the hidden notes to develop. This process can take years, even decades.

In fact, there are some wines as old as 30 years that are still in the aging process. So if you’re a wine enthusiast and you’re looking to get into wine aging, you’ll need a wine storage cooler!

How to Buy the Best Wine Fridge

When looking at buying a wine cooler, there are some factors you need to consider. Knowing these will help you get the wine storage!

Pay Attention to the Temperature Controls

Your wine cooler should have a homeostasis temperature of 70°F or lower. Anything above 70°F will break cook your wine, causing it to lose its flavors and aromas.

But if temperatures get too cold, your wine might freeze, causing it to again lose flavors or even shatter the bottle. So the best temperature will be between 45°F and 65°F. So when looking at wine fridges, ensure that they don’t exceed these limits!

Avoid Temperature Fluctuations

The best wine fridge will remain at the same temperature throughout. However, there are some automatic wine fridges that self-adjust their temperatures.

Although this may seem like a great feature, frequent temperatures changes can ruin your collection. So always ensure that your wine fridge has a manual temperature change.

Avoid UV Lights

Any type of UV rays can age your wine prematurely. For this reason, wine companies make their wine bottles dark. However, this can only protect your wine so much. That’s why it’s important to invest in a wine cooler with an incandescent or LED bulb as they produce less ultraviolet light.

Check Humidity Levels 

Believe it or not, something as simple as humidity can spoil the wine. That’s why most wine drinkers prefer cold wine over room temperature. And that’s because cooler wines have more flavor because they don’t get as much humidity.

So when looking at wine storage, make sure your humidity levels are about 70%. The average is usually around 50-80 percent humidity, which can be achieved with a wine cellar. However, the best wine coolers can mimick these environments just like a wine cellar would!

Other Factors to Consider 

Something as little as storing your wine bottle wrong can ruin your wine. So make sure you rest your wine bottles on their side. This will ensure that the wine itself keeps the cork moist.

It’s important to have a moist cork because if it gets too dry, it could crack open and spoil your wine! However, if your wine is already opened you should store it upright to prevent the alcoholic beverage from spilling!

Another factor to consider is vibrational patterns in your wine storage. If you have a lot of vibrations, your wine will start having chemical reactions, which will spoil your wine!

So avoid storing your wine in a room with heavy foot traffic. You should also look for the newer wine fridges since older models tend to vibrate. Lastly, try your best to now move your wine. Only move it when you’re drinking or storing it. But other than that, keep your wines in the same position to avoid spoiling them.

Buy the Best Wine Cooler Today

The best wine cooler is not easy to find, but we hope our article has guided you in the right direction. So stop letting your good wines go to waste and invest in the best wine cooler today!

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