The Complexity Of Hiring Process: Critical Steps To Effective Recruiting

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The success of your business is solely dependent on your employers, so that should give you an insight into how important you should take your recruitment process seriously.

Recruiting employers who will always appear happy to resume every weekday with smiles on their faces are the best as they will give you, your business, and customers the best services you can ever imagine.

For an already existing business, effective recruitment may be just as easy as spelling your name. While for a start-up, you will need to put certain things in place to source suitable candidates.

Don’t get this wrong; even top organizations don’t find it easy recruiting since they are not recruiting just anyone but capable employees. But after going through the following critical steps we’ve laid out for you, you will indeed find it easy.


Critical Steps To Effective Recruiting

Recruiting is a strenuous activity, no doubts, as it needs detailed attention, dedication, and perseverance to avoid employing the wrong candidate. 

Employing the wrong candidate is possible because most candidates will probably turn into a “Yes Man” on that day.

Finding a candidate who will stand his ground and challenge your rulings if he feels it is wrong will be tough, but it is possible.

1. Be Proactive

Don’t wait till there is a vacant seat in your organization before sourcing for talented candidates. Check your employees’ files and keep notes on those who are nearing retirement to avoid being caught on the hook.

Source for candidates in the business market to employ those who need very little or no training to get started.

Search internally for capable hands who can fill the vacant seats in your organization. Promote the well-deserving employee to boost his morale and also to serve as a source of inspiration to other employees.

 2. Keep In Touch With Your Potential Employees

Did you just ask how is this possible? Well! Most organizations nowadays have a database where they keep records of their applicants. Using this medium, communicate with potential employees regularly and give updates about vacancies in your organization. 

Think of this process as a chicken sitting on its eggs to keep them warm and get them ready to hatch. A short email to your potential employees about a vacancy in your organization will have your office filled with those applicants on your database the next day.

3. Providing Adequate Training To Your Hiring Managers

There is no better investment than an investment in your employees. Aside from creating a healthy working space for them all, they all need to be properly trained to improve their effectiveness. The HR is in charge of recruiting, and yes, monthly or bi-annual training is advised for such employees. 

The reason for this is that most hiring managers talk more than they listen. They ask questions and are only interested in a straightforward answer. Train them to take their time in listening to the candidates’ aspirations and goals. Let them listen to what the candidate has to offer.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg once said he only employs those he can work for if the reverse was the case. Your objective as a business owner is to succeed, so implore your HR team to hire a candidate that displays a winning trait.

4. Define The Job

Where most organizations are getting it all wrong is in their job description. The job description is more than placing an advert in a newspaper or announcing a vacant seat in media outlets.

Spell out the candidates you want to appear for the interview, list the criteria they need to apply for the job. The use of an efficient copywriter to create a captivating headline will be more catchy. That’s not all. You also need to tell the potential employees about your organization too. Write out your organization’s value and mission statement. 

One of the driving forces that keep potential employees going is when reading about the values of their potential employers.  In most cases, remuneration should be included in the job description to attract more capable applicants. 

For organizations that use the service of employer of record (EOR), mentioning that you implement a global payroll can also entice foreign applicants. Implementing a global payroll will not limit your entity to employing only your fellow countryman but also hire capable foreigners without opening a new entity in the foreign country. 

The use of employer of record to hire employees will effectively activate a global payroll, as they will help your organization understand each country’s salary range.


Recruiting has gone beyond sitting behind a desk and asking numerous questions from potential employees. To effectively recruit employees, modern strategies need to be implemented fully.


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