The Different Types of Crypto Wallets That Exist Today

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Cryptocurrencies are the name of the game these days, but because they’re digital, hackers can find a way to steal millions of dollars worth of crypto every day.

However, there are crypto wallets that can help you secure your assets. Here is a guide to the many types of crypto wallets and how they can benefit you.

The Many Types of Crypto Wallets

A crypto wallet is simply a private key that lets you gain access to the cryptocurrencies you have bought or mined. They come in many forms though, and you must decide which one would work best for you.

Hardware Crypto Wallet

Hardware wallets are starkly different from software wallets in that they are essentially offline data storage. They store users’ private and public keys on a physical device, something akin to a USB drive.

Hardware crypto wallets tend to be more secure than the other options on this list because they store your cryptocurrencies offline. This makes them unable to be hacked. They may not be the best to use for new crypto users though.

Desktop Crypto Wallet

Desktop wallets are another good choice to use; they give you ready access to your cryptos and can be highly secure with the programming of the computer.

However, if the computer is connected to the internet, your cryptocurrencies could be stolen by hackers if you are targeted. So if you use a desktop, use it when it’s offline so that you’re not susceptible to hackers.

Mobile Crypto Wallet

This option is gaining a lot of traction due to so many people owning a smartphone. They are now creating apps such as Coinbase and Binance so that you can own a multi crypto wallet.

This option is good for those who use cryptos as a form of payment for transactions and is generally safer than other online wallets. But you cannot use your smartphone resources to mine any coins, like the desktop can.

Online Crypto Wallet

Of the ones so far, this one is widely considered to be the least secure. However, there are still some pros to having an online crypto wallet.

If you trade cryptos a lot, online crypto wallets are best for you as it gives you the freedom to do it on the go no matter where you are. However, you are at high risk for theft by hackers and scammers.

Paper Crypto Wallet

Thought that cryptocurrencies were only digital? Think again. Paper wallets are just that, your public and private keys written down.

But there are also paper wallet generators that create keys, print them for you, and give you a QR code to access them. To add more funds to your paper wallet, You transfer to the paper wallet’s public address.

This would be the best way to keep your cryptos out of the hands of hackers as well.

Find the Best Crypto Wallet for You

There are many types of crypto wallets, all catered to the preferences of many people. However, it’s time you find the best one for you. Are you progressive or are you more of the old-fashioned type?

Either way, find your perfect wallet today and protect what’s yours. You deserve it.

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