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The Different Types of Video Your Business Should Use in 2023

What’s better than a beautifully produced video? The right production. The different types of video your business should use in 2023 will help you discover high-quality rapid videos. You can create and share videos with speed like never before.

Are you still struggling to decide which types of videos to use? This guide shows you the different types of videos to increase customer engagement.

Screencast Video

Screencast video is a key type of video content that businesses should consider using in 2023. Screencasting is recording a series of steps on a computer or mobile device and turning it into a video tutorial. Screencast videos are particularly useful in the business space as they can provide instructional or educational material engagingly and entertainingly.

Social Media Video

Social media video will continue to be a major part of video marketing in 2023 and beyond. Your business should create short and long-form video content for platforms such as:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

These platforms will allow you to reach a large audience and get creative with presenting your brand.

Short-form video content should run no more than a few minutes and be concise yet engaging. This type of video is best for introducing a company or product with a quick, memorable message.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos have become increasingly popular for businesses in recent years, which will likely continue into 2023. Explainer videos are micro-documentaries that explain a concept, product, or service entertainingly and engagingly.

They can be used for various purposes, such as introducing a new product or service, educating potential customers about a particular topic, or providing helpful information about a particular process.

Product Video

Product videos showcase a particular product within the company, allowing it to speak for itself. Using product videos, businesses can illustrate how the product works, its features, and how it is beneficial.

This can help the customer understand the product and decide to purchase it. Product videos should be concise, with a duration of around one to two minutes, and feature attractive visuals and capture interest.

Live Streams

Live streams are great for gleaning immediate reactions from an audience. Also, promoting products and services. Live streams can help launch new products, hold special interviews and give behind-the-scenes looks at business.

The content can also be backed up and stored as archival records. Keeping a record of the live stream is beneficial to businesses as they can go back and use them as marketing tools or review to look for trends.

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Learn More About the Types of Video

Businesses should be prepared to use a variety of video content in 2023. This includes embedded video, advertising, interactive video, marketing, and video streaming.

Start utilizing different video types to establish a strong presence and leverage the digital marketing tools available to expand reach. Try creating a few different types of videos today and see the results for yourself!

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