The Essentials Role of Smell in Sensuality


This time we want to touch on fascinating, informative topics like the sense of smell. Often, sensual coldness is caused by fatigue from work, stress, and other emotional disturbances. Miraculous aphrodisiac oils can address the problem.

Taking the time to smell scents in the air or deliberately adding pleasurable scents through scented candles or essential oils is a fantastic way to incorporate the sense of smell into your sensuality ritual.

What is Smell of Sensuality?

An old Indian proverb says: “Every passion has its extraordinary smell.” Since ancient times, all peoples of the world had understood the powerful effects of aromas and used them to stimulate intimate desire and awaken sensuality. They associate virtually everything around us with a smell; we all recognize and select a JesExtender partner based on pleasant aromas.

Ancient legends say that Aphrodite had an excellent belt in which love, desire, and words of seduction were enclosed. This belt gave off a magical aroma, which caused people to go mad and the gods. The smell inherent only in you characterizes your personality and helps to attract the attention of people close to the spiritual level.

The smell unconsciously determines our attitude towards it. Smells act on instinct, so you can’t protect yourself from this smell. And if you learn how to create using it right, you can control the feelings.

Classical physiological aphrodisiacs eliminate frigidity, increase libido, optimize blood circulation and increase the duration of sensual intercourse. Specific plants have boosted male and female sensual desire, performance, and pleasure for centuries. However, little scientific study has explored how essential oils may benefit a person’s intimate life.

The hypothalamus is the hormone control center in the body, so it controls and stimulates reproductive drive, energy levels, and the healthy production of hormones. Whether you’re setting the mood for the perfect romantic partner or single and thinking about attracting the sensuality of your life, here are seven essential oils that can help bring a little more love, beauty, and sensual magic your way:

This category includes the following Essential Oils:


Jasmin is a unique oil that can improve blood circulation, increases testosterone level. The luxurious and sensual aroma of jasmine gives confidence to a man and helps a woman get aroused easily; it increases the pleasure of closeness and creates an erotic mood. Try Vidalista 60, and Fildena is an excellent remedy for improving sensual stamina power and treating ED problems in many men.


YLANG-YLANG is a powerful stimulant that solves many intimate problems, especially related to complexes. This sweet, flowery fragrance has become a romantic favorite. Leaves of this beautiful yellow flower are often strewn across marriage beds in Indonesia, and the aroma is perfect for diffusing to set the tone for your romantic evening. The use of this oil as an aphrodisiac dates back many centuries. Increases sensitivity and sensuality, brings harmony in sensual relations, increases intimate desire, and eliminates erection problems in men. The aroma evokes fantasies and passion between the two partners.


This essential oil is a stimulating aphrodisiac for men. Increases confidence, energy, and sensual strength encourage decisive action.


Cedar is an aphrodisiac that has a beneficial effect on the erotic sphere. It increases the stamina of the intimate act, makes the love game more prosperous and more extended, refreshes the sensitivity, strengthens the male strength, and opens the “second wind.”


It has a stimulating and tonic effect, warms the body, increases male strength and female sensuality, makes sensations stronger, awakens desire, releases and strengthens attraction.


It stimulates desire and arousal, allows you to increase the duration of sensual intercourse, causes euphoria.


One of the most potent pathogens. An erotic aroma that increases attraction and sensuality increases desire, allows you to relax fully, promotes a passionate and stormy night. Treat your male impotency or erectile dysfunction by using Vidalista 40 or Tadalista pills.

For aphrodisiac essential oils to benefit, work efficiently and not spoil the impression, it is necessary to observe five simple rules of aromatherapy:

Start with yourself. 

Choose an aroma you like, harmonize, give confidence. When a person is calm and confident, it is more attractive and erotic.

We always apply the aroma of essential oils to a clean body. I recommend excluding cosmetics and hygiene products with sharp and robust odors, not to interrupt the unique aroma when using aphrodisiacs.

Side Effects: Do not apply aromas in large quantities. It should be light and perceptible smell to the partner.

Choose the best application for you: Perfume, aroma pendant, mutual massage, or essential oil bath.

The aroma should appeal to both partners. It is advisable to find out your preferences in advance and observe your partner’s tastes well.

Among the methods of temptation, it recognized massage with essential aromas as the most effective.

It required no special training to achieve the result; follow your instincts. The erotic massage with aphrodisiac oils is a light, teasing, and exciting touch, alternating with slightly deeper sensual strokes. Put some oil on your hands and start, for example, with your feet. With stroking movements, massage the entire barefoot, put love and sensuality into the activities, accumulate the pressure, kneading and pressing, pay attention to the toes, finish the foot massage with caress and do the same second foot. Put more oil on your palms and salt. Ask your partner which massage to go for it. Get creative. Change roles. Talk about what you like. Enjoy moments when no words are needed to convey powerful emotion.


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