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The Four Biggest Gaming Technology Trends In 2022


The gaming industry is constantly evolving. The difference between the games from just a decade ago and those from now can be dramatic. With the technological advancements that have taken place in recent years and with even more changes to come within the next five years, there is no telling what game trends will dominate our screens by 2022. In this article, I strive to outline four of the biggest gaming technology trends coming in fewer than five years to quickly get ahead of your competitors who have yet to make significant shifts in their strategies.

The Four Biggest Gaming Technology Trends In 2022

1. Cloud Gaming.

The cloud gaming industry has seen a massive surge of growth since 2017. Leading gaming companies, including Nvidia, AMD, and Steam, have stated that cloud gaming will represent a significant part of their strategies in the future. These play to earn crypto games provide gamblers with endless opportunities to win money.

The main reason for the massive increase in the amount of data being moved among players is that there is an outrageous demand for game streaming at a quality level that was previously only available to enthusiasts who had access to multiple high-end gaming PCs or multi-GPU systems.

2. Virtual Reality Gaming.

As was the case with cloud gaming, virtual reality gaming saw a massive surge in popularity. The appeal of virtual reality has seemingly brought about a brand new era for PC games and other forms of gaming. VR is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, with close to $30 billion being generated by this technology just last year alone. It has led to thousands of new jobs and excitement in innovation that was not seen for many years before 2017.

The only reason that this field will continue growing at this rate is that VR technology could represent an entirely new category within the gaming industry, much like mobile games did before it. Please find the latest gaming news & reviews at Justgamers, and it’s full of reviews that will be useful for you.

3. Puzzle Games.

The Puzzle genre has been slow to grow over the years but should eventually become more popular than ever in the next five years. Puzzle games are a different type of game from that of action or adventure games. There is some crossover between puzzle games and other genres like hidden object games. Still, the main focus is solving many puzzles involving finding and manipulating specific objects to achieve a goal.

The most successful puzzle games will be those that offer users choices within the game, forcing them to make decisions about how they would like to approach each puzzle. It is similar to how random number generation has been used in combat, stealth, and card games for many years now.

4. Blockchain.

One of the most significant technological innovations to hit the gaming industry was the invention of the blockchain. One created this revolutionary technology in 2008, but developers have only recently started to use it. Gaming companies and platforms like Steam, Ubisoft, and Valve have all shown interest in utilizing blockchain technology for their own needs.

As of now, there are only a few games that utilize this new technology, but as interest grows within this industry, more will end up being developed for use within these games.


The gaming industry is doing quite well, and it is only going to grow more popular in the future. It is a wise decision for any company to invest in the growth of their video games, even if they do not fully understand what this entails. You will end up with a strong workforce of highly educated employees, and as a reward for that, your competitors will have to make some adjustments to their strategies for growth within this industry.

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