The Green, Green Grass of Home: Choosing the Best Grass for Your Lawn

The Green, Green Grass of Home

During the pandemic, when we were all forced to stay at home, many people took the opportunity to tend to the gardens they had there. Gardening exploded in popularity over the past two years. It’s a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere, either.

If you’re currently in the process of beautifying your outdoor space, you may be thinking about what plants and flowers you want to grow there. But what about the grass? Not all lawn grass is created equal, and you’ll need to choose the type that’s best for your particular garden.

This guide can help you to do just that. Read on to learn about the different types of lawn grass and which one is best for your garden.

What Type of Grass Should You Choose?

The type of grass you end up going for will depend on a number of different factors. For example, some types of grass are more high maintenance than other kinds. How much time will you have to dedicate to your lawn?

The climate in your region will also matter. If you live in a very dry climate, you will need to get grass that tolerates drought well. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, you’ll need a lawn that will be able to put up with this also.

Luckily, there are many different types of grass, each with its own characteristics. Below are a few of the most common.

1. Bermuda Grass

A Bermuda grass lawn tends to be thick and dense. This is great if your garden is going to be getting a lot of foot traffic. This type of grass required frequent watering but doesn’t need to be mown as often as some other types, because of the fact that it can be cut very short.

2. Centipede

Centipede grass is similar to bermuda grass in that it can be cut to short lengths and needs to be watered frequently. It does well in sunny weather, however, it can also withstand being in the shade. This type of grass is light green in color.

3. Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is a popular cool-season grass. It’s robust and resilient to foot traffic, and typically grows in a dense fashion.  When damaged, it is able to repair itself fast.

4. Fine Fescue Grass

Fine fescue grass is another cool-season grass. A fine fescue grass lawn can work well in sun and in shade, and it is able to take hot and dry weather. It’s often included in seed mixes along with other types of grass.

Caring for Your Lawn Grass

No matter what type of grass you get, be sure to show it proper care and attention. Have it regularly maintained by turf & landscape experts. Make sure to research the type of grass you choose before buying it, so you can be sure it’s suitable for your lawn.

Which Type Is Best for Your Home?

Different types of lawn grass have different needs and characteristics. Be sure to choose the one that’s going to do best in your climate and your home. For more home and garden tips, check out the rest of our content now.

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