The Many Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The Many Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

No one likes the idea of shaving their legs, armpits, or bikini line until the end of time.

Your time is precious and you should treat it as such. Even cutting out 10 minutes from your daily routine means you have more time for self-care. If you’re sick and tired of wasting time wrestling with razors in the shower, it’s time to consider shaving alternatives.

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Keep reading to find the benefits of laser hair removal and reclaim your time again!

It’s Easy on the Wallet

You might be thinking we’re off our rocker if we’re claiming laser hair removal is a cost-effective process. But, bear with us as we explain.

While the initial investment may seem high, it pays for itself after a few months. How much money do you pay to get your body waxes and how often do you go? Spending $100 every month (plus a tip on top of that) to get your legs waxed gets pricy.

Even the cost of shaving adds up fast. Razors don’t last half as long as we wish they would and having to buy shaving cream, again and again, is annoying.

After a few treatments of laser hair removal, you will never need to worry about pesky hairs ever again. So, yes, you might have sticker shock after seeing the cost of permanent hair removal, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

It’s Not as Painful as Other Hair Removal Options

The word “laser” might be off-putting, but don’t let it stop you from considering this path. The process is actually much less painful than you might think. It feels a bit like snapping a rubbing band on your skin, annoying but not extremely unpleasant.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Laser hair removal isn’t a painless procedure, but no hair removal process is.

Would you prefer to have your hair ripped out of its follicles every few weeks for the rest of time? Or experience a few rubber band snaps against the skin and then never have to worry about the hair again?

Goodbye Ingrown Hairs

One of our absolute favorite benefits of laser hair removal is that it prevents ingrown hairs from forming. Other forms of hair removal can cause painful ingrown hairs that cause infections or permanent scarring. Shaving is especially notorious for causing these dangerous and painful ingrown hairs.

We all know how unsightly ingrown hairs look. After laser hair removal, you won’t be afraid to rock a bikini at the beach because there will be no ugly red bumps from your razor anymore.

Laser hair removal not only prevents ingrown hairs from forming, but it’s one of the only effective treatments to remove them for good.

The energy from the laser gets absorbed into your hair follicles, preventing the follicle from producing hair. The follicles shrink after every laser treatment so the hairs that do grow will be lighter in color and finer in texture. When the follicle can’t produce hair, your affected areas will start to heal and you won’t get ingrown hairs anymore.

Hello, Soft Skin

Has this ever happened to you? You spend your precious time in the shower shaving your legs until their smooth and soft. You exit the shower to grab your towel, get goosebumps from the cool air, and your legs are pokey already again?

Even if the hairs don’t regrow that fast for you, prickly stubble is only a day or two away after every shave. No one likes the feeling of a stubbly bikini line or pokey legs.

When you choose to pamper yourself with laser hair removal, you’ll be boasting softer skin than ever before. The laser leaves before no stray hairs or stubble so your skin is touchably smooth every time.

If your hair does continue to grow after your procedure, it’ll be much softer and finer.

Long-Lasting Results

As we mentioned above, other methods of hair removal don’t last very long. You’ll need to shave your legs every day or every second day to keep the stubble away. Waxing needs to be redone every few weeks to keep seeing results.

With laser hair removal, however, hair can take months to grow back. Plus, with every session you have, the hair will take longer to regrow. When it does start growing again, it’ll be much finer, sparser, and easier to manage.

No Long-Lasting Side Effects

We’ve all cut ourselves while shaving. It stings and never seems to stop bleeding. Then the next time you go to shave your legs, you run the razor over the scab and it starts bleeding all over again.

People with sensitive skin often see bruising after waxing sessions. If your waxer doesn’t have a lot of experience, they may also tear pieces of your skin as they pull the wax off.

Redness and swelling are the most obvious side effect with waxing. The hot temperature of the wax and the trauma of pulling the hair out is to blame. Though redness goes away within an hour or so, it’s still an unfortunate side effect.

When it comes to laser hair removal, however, there are no long-lasting side effects to speak of. There will be no cuts, scarring, or bruises. What you’re left with is a no-mess procedure that you can do to any part of your body.

Laser Hair Removal as a Self-Care Ritual

While most people wouldn’t look at laser hair removal as an act of self care, it certainly can be. Imagine all the time you’ll have back when you don’t need to waste time in the shower shaving every day. If that’s not a good enough reason to consider laser hair removal, we don’t know what is.

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