The Modern Cafe: Making Your Coffee Shop Instagrammable

People are social creatures. We love sharing moments with our friends, families, and loved ones. In the age of the internet and social media, we found more ways to connect and interact. Some of us like to share our achievements and milestones in life, while others just like sharing what goes on in their everyday lives. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a visit to the local cafe, there’s always something worth posting.

Instagram, one of the biggest social media platforms in the world right now, has evolved into the most impactful marketing channel online because of that. About 72%of their users have reported making purchasing decisions based on things they saw on the platform. It’s all thanks to mouth-watering photos of food and stunning B-rolls of products. It’s a statistic that many cafes and restaurants are taking advantage of to increase revenue and sales. They all know that they are just one viral post away from doubling or even tripling their revenues and customer base. That’s why there’s a new push for making your cafe “Instagrammable.” But how exactly do you do that?

By definition, Instagrammable is an adjective that describes something as visually appealing in a way that looks great on Instagram. That means you can make anything look “Instagrammable.” Whether it’s a product or place, anything is possible. So, here are some ways you can make your cafe achieve that environment:


Even with the lack of a good camera, good lighting can make any photo look significantly better regardless of what you use to take it. Lighting encourages visitors to take pictures and videos in your cafe since it will look good even if they’re using just the cameras on their phones.

Now you don’t necessarily need studio-grade or professional lighting to make your cafe “Instagrammable.” All you need is good old sunlight. Yes, natural lighting is the best kind of light you want to have in your shop. It makes Instagram-worthy shots easier to achieve for any customer. Big and wide residential and commercial windows are perfect for the job. They allow the most sunlight into your shop while also making it feel inviting and approachable since it gives your cafe a more open look.

Keep Up With The Times

It’s understandable if you don’t feel comfortable making significant changes to your cafe, even more so if you’ve been operating for a long time. You might think that the cafe has been like this forever, and it’s been working fine. We all know the age-old adage of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” However, times are changing. The world is way different now than it was ten or even twenty years ago, and cafes that get stuck in their traditions can risk falling behind their competition.

Keeping up with relevant design trends can help you decide how to update your cafe’s aesthetic and make it feel more current and hip. If you don’t give your space a fresh update every once in a while, you’ll risk making your cafe look dated and unappealing. Freshening up its look now and then can do wonders for its Instagram-worthiness.

A Statement Wall

Nothing screams “Instagrammable” more than an accent wall. It can serve as the focal point or highlight of your cafe that people will love sharing on Instagram. It’s an aesthetic element that can become a familiar feature that people can easily associate with you. Think of it as a part of your cafe’s identity. It will be an indicator that as soon as people see it, they know it’s your coffee shop.

You can make an accent wall by designating one part of a wall in your cafe and giving it a different color. You can also go all out and take it to the next level by giving it a different texture or placing objects and furniture on it. Because of them, they can help provide more character, drama, and emotion to your accent wall that will make for an overall better and more “Instagrammable” photo.

Stay True To Your Identity

Before you make any changes to your cafe’s aesthetic, make sure you’re sticking to your brand identity. There are many ways to make your place look more “Instagrammable” without losing the character that your customers have known and loved. Updating your cafe’s look and feel doesn’t necessarily mean a complete design overhaul. Instead, you can approach it like retrofitting. Retain the general aesthetic of your space but update it just enough to fit the modern world so that it caters to the new generation of customers.

Don’t get too stuck in your traditions, and take these tips with you so you can find a way to give your cafe an updated look fit for today’s world. There are so many benefits to having an “Instagrammable” space. It would be criminal not to take advantage of it.

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