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The Most Awarded Aussie Spirits To Drink This Summer

Summertime can be a wonderful season for exploring delicious new drinks – especially spirits! This article explores some of the top Australian Spirits that have won awards and gained recognition in recent years. 

So, whether you’re a fan of tasty whiskey or hearty rum, you’re sure to find something perfect for sipping by the shore all summer long. Join us on a journey through the best Aussie spirits this season, from elegant vodkas to sustainable gin. 

Start your explorations, and be sure to take your friends along too!

The Most Awarded Aussie Spirits To Drink This Summer

1. Naught Sangiovese Gin

This summer, let the unmistakable Australian spirit of Naught Sangiovese Gin tantalise your palate!

 This award-winning gin is made with Sangiovese grapes, resulting in a luscious botanical flavour that is unique. The perfect addition to any summer gathering, Naught Sangiovese Gin will add warmth and sophistication to your celebrations. 

For an unforgettable treat this season, why not pair it with your favourite tonic water and a few slices of fresh citrus fruits? Make sure you get your hands on this terrific drop before it’s too late!

2. Starward Fortis Single Malt Australian Whisky

Starward Fortis Single Malt Australian Whisky has been described by critics as a must-try drink. It is a unique whisky made with Australian ingredients, such as wheat and barley, and red wine barrels in the aging process. 

The result is an extraordinary flavour profile that starts with aromas of honey, toffee and molasses, followed by a robust taste of chocolate ganache, cinnamon, quince and Muscadelle raisin. Its spicy finish lingers for those lucky enough to indulge in this exceptional whisky. 

Starward Fortis will make any night unforgettable with its spectacular aroma and full-body flavour. Don’t miss out on experiencing this special treat from down under!

3. Never Never Distilling Co Triple Juniper Gin

This summer, the Aussie spirit to reach for is Never Never Distilling Co’s Triple Juniper Gin. This gin is a three-region blend of junipers featuring native Australian ingredients and some of the finest junipers from around the world. 

Thanks to its crisp, balanced flavour and delicate floral aromas, this gin has won numerous awards. 

If you’re looking for an Aussie-made spirit perfectly suited to a warmer climate and longer days, give Never Never Gin a try – it will be sure to add an extra special something to your summer drinks!

4. Archie Rose Rye Malt Whisky

With the summer heat hitting Australia, Archie Rose Rye Malt Whisky is the perfect spirit to cool you down. This smooth whisky is winning over taste buds with its unique flavour, winning numerous awards in different spirits competitions across the country. 

The whiskey was created to showcase the delicious oregano found among Australian pastures and bring out notes of citrus, dark honey and spice. 

With each sip providing a range of complex flavours, this award-winning whisky could be just what you need for your next outdoor gathering or BBQ. Grab some now for a spirit that will sit perfectly in your drinks cabinet this summer.

5. Hickson Rd. Australian Dry Gin

Hickson Rd. Australian Dry Gin is the spirit of the summer! This exceptional gin is made from only the finest Australian grain, enhanced by a unique blend of native botanicals that make it incredibly smooth and full of flavour. 

Along with a bottle of Hickson Rd., you’ll get a full journey into the history and culture of Australia in every sip. This spirit has proven its quality time and time again – it’s been awarded multiple prizes around the world, including gold medals. 

So beat the heat this summer with a bottle of award-winning Hickson Rd. Australian Dry Gin – you won’t be disappointed!

Australian spirits are a hit this summer, and it’s clear to see why! Whether you prefer sweet and fruity or smooth and juniper-based gins, there’s a style for everyone. 

While many of the brands showcased in this article are award winners, don’t be afraid to take the plunge into new waters and support independent distilleries. 

The smell of summer is on its way, so get your glass ready! Cheers!

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