The Most Commonly Bet On Sports In The World

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Sports betting is popular, that much is clear. But just how popular? Which is the most popular betting sport in the world? How much is bet annually?

These are complicated questions. Given that sports betting is a broad and evolving topic there is much to take into consideration. It is better to think of sports as a regional phenomenon, given that different countries prefer different sports. American football is, after all, mostly only truly popular in the United States. Football, on the other hand, enjoys a dedicated fan base in almost every region.

Sports Betting Numbers

First and foremost, sports betting is a behemoth industry. It is estimated that roughly $3 trillion is spent on sports betting annually, which is a number that speaks for itself. However, although $3 trillion is the total, almost half of this is made by illegal sportsbooks.

To put the numbers into perspective, let’s take a look at cricket. Cricket is the fifth most popular sport as far as betting is concerned. In the 2019 Cricket World Cup Bangladesh faced off against India. This match alone saw an unbelievable $22 million wagered, taking into account just a single betting platform.

Individual Sports

If we’re looking at individual sports, such as tennis, the picture changes. Tennis is the most popular individual betting sport, and fourth most popular betting sport overall. Though, this is partly due to how packed tennis schedules are. There are a staggering 1,500 tournaments annually, or 93,000 matches. If a betting enthusiast is looking to place a bet, chances are overwhelming that a tennis tournament is coming up. Plus, these days, many online casino have integrated sports betting options.

This means you can put down bets, play online Blackjack real money at the same site, and enjoy rewards not even seen at a traditional sportsbook.

Second Most Bet On Sport Globally

We mentioned it already, and here it is again. American Football is the second most bet on sport globally, and most bet on in the United States. The NFL accounts for over half of all bets in the US, with the Super Bowl being the most bet on event locally. In 2022, the Super Bowl set new records with bets of $472 million being placed online.

Most Bet On Sport Globally

Soccer, or football, is the most bet on sport globally. This should come as no surprise, given the phenomenal reach the sport has. But just how popular is soccer betting? To put it into perspective, it is estimated that 70% of all bets placed, legal and illegal, are on soccer.

As far as individual events go it is the FIFA World Cup that takes the crown. 210 countries take part, making it no surprise that the tournament sees an average of $260 million in official wagers. There is no telling how high the number climbs when taking illegal betting into account, but certainly in the tens of billions.

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