The most Important introductory Guides to Escape from Tarkov

The most Important introductory Guides to Escape from Tarkov

With the help of Escape from Tarkov, the developer Battlestate Games has created a survival shooting game for lovers of realistic gameplay and detailed weapons (including extensive modifications). Winning the championship in advance is currently in the testing phase of development and offers different versions for sale.

Compared with other shooters, EFT’s realism is mainly reflected in the lack of familiar HUD elements and more complex motion control. For example, you have few visual aids, such as marking targets or enemies; the ammunition and life displays on the main screen are also entirely non-existent.

The classic WASD controls have also been expanded to include many critical combinations for motion functions-for example, you can steplessly lean to the side (ALT + A/D) and take short-edge steps (ALT + Q/E).

We have collected six basic survival skills for you so that you will be fully prepared for the first contact with AI-controlled scavs and predatory opponents. If you have mastered the basics, our professional skills and community skills will help you improve gameplay.

Escape from Tarkov tips for beginners

The life of a mercenary who survived the battle is no easy task. This is precisely the role you played when you escaped from Tarkov-you made a raid in the controversial city of the same name! Your mission is to find as much valuable loot as possible in one of the current seven playable map areas.

After that, you must keep the map active at one of the exits because this is the only way to keep the objects found. The survival multiple will also significantly increase the experience value.

The way to get there is by no means easy. In the beginning, you may often bless the temporal bone-don’t let it be discouraged. True to the motto of learning by death, Tarkov’s death is part of the learning process.

Familiar with the controls

For most shooting game players, fleeing Tarkov requires rethinking. Without HUD markings and artificial hit feedback, people in the Russian industrial city of Tarkov rely heavily on space awareness and well-trained shooting. Experienced handling of complex game controls is essential.

You can use standard hotkeys, such as reload on the R key and open the list on TAB, but there are many other functions. For example, in EFT, there are five additional levels between the classic posture features of crouching and standing. You can try to expose as little of the body surface as possible when you go beyond the covering with their help. Hold down the C key and use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down to adjust the height.

Besides, due to the lack of ammunition display, you can use the hotkey combination to check the magazine (ALT + T) and the magazine (Shift + T).

Robbery right

The favorite feature of many players is one of the main game elements of Escape from Tarkov: Trophy. Finding and dismissing valuable loot is your main task in raids, while local AI predators and other players become more difficult in online mode.

You can find valuable military trophies in the green box, but it is usually more profitable to rob a killed opponent, especially in weapons and equipment. In the latter part of Tarkov’s career, players sometimes carry the entire arsenal with them-they also like to use these weapons to deter jealous people.

Items that seem worthless at first glance, such as chocolate bars or soda cans, should not be abandoned during the looting, as they may eventually become usable barter products. There is a separate category in the main menu, which contains various distributors for trade in goods.

You can also use the flea market integrated from to trade Tarkov Money, Equipment and items with other participants. Here, you can find some items at discounted prices, and if you are lucky, you can charge a considerable amount for the sundries you find. However, the flea market is only available from level 5.

Therefore, try to carry everything you can have during the raid. The backpack mentioned above is beneficial here. However, if you don’t own one or don’t want to risk one, you can also try to reclaim your property from the defeated enemy. There is almost no limit to the tactical creativity of Escape from Tarkov.

Don’t underestimate your opponent.

Even Scavs controlled by AI are severe opponents in the Tarkov escape game. They will try to run around you, cover and shoot. If you are well equipped, the battle requires total concentration and often ends in the main menu. Don’t worry, because you will better deal with these adrenaline-filled situations every time. When moving from A to B, use any cover. If you see an enemy, please be careful and use gesture control to minimize the attack surface. If you manage to get close to the shooting range, use the aiming function (right mouse button) as much as possible to shoot down the enemy with a single head blow.

Choose the right equipment.

Before starting an escape game from Tarkov, please select the equipment you want to assault the character menu. Depending on the version purchased, more or less powerful weapons and slots are available in the safe container. The Escape from Tarkov items stored in the container are protected in case the character is lost due to death.

For the first raid, at least bring a pistol and a complete magazine. Vests and backpacks are also helpful to be able to transport the loot found. However, please note that if you store the magazine in a vest or trouser pocket, you can only use the hotkey to reload it.

Correct ammunition

Make sure you have the correct ammunition. In Escape from Tarkov, even within one caliber, there are countless ammo types. Although some things only make sense in the later stages of the game, as a beginner, you can at least be sure to load the ammunition into the gun to resist the armor best.

The standard ammunition in the entry-level list can at least deal with simple armor. In the future, you want to be able to deal with stronger armor. Use this practical spreadsheet as a guide to understanding the effectiveness of different types of ammunition on other armors.

Tips: Using only a knife to enter a team raid is an effective way to try your luck when there is a severe equipment shortage. But don’t expect regular success: as a knife runner, you are an easy target for well-equipped players.


To ensure medical care, please put medicines (to ensure overall health), splints (to prevent fractures), and bandages (to avoid bleeding) in safe containers. If available, it is also recommended to use painkillers to counteract the adverse effects of taking them.

Choosing the right equipment for a surprise attack is similar to playing poker-if you lose (mostly), it disappears. To avoid such a bad experience as a novice, you should choose a game against AI to get started.

Conduct an offline raid first

In the offline mode of escaping from Tarkov, you can only compete with the AI and cannot lose your device-however, all loot found after the attack is over will be lost. Therefore, this mode is only suitable for practice.

For example, on the Customs map, you have the opportunity to learn more about EFT’s mobile and gunfighting functions. Use offline raid to understand various vital combinations and shoot some air holes. There are also many trophy containers in the customs, so go and see!

Next, perform a scav run.

In Escape from Tarkov, you can play as a local guy at regular intervals. If you reach the rescue exit, you will receive a random set of equipment reserved for your main character (PMC).

Besides, you do not need to take any risks. Therefore, playing as a Picard is suitable for gaining initial experience in real battles. However, even later, scav run is also very ideal for breeding valuable equipment without taking any risks yourself.

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