The Most Popular Italian Foods

Italian food is known across the world as some of the most delicious food there is. On your way exploring places where to eat Italian food, do some sightseeing and take Vatican museums tour. From savory and cheesy to sweet and decadent, there is truly something out there for everyone. There are also many restaurants out there like Giovanna’s Cocktail that offer lots of different Italian dishes. It can be hard to narrow down the foods you want to try since there are so many delicious choices, so here are five of the most popular Italian foods to help your decision!


  1. Pizza- Perhaps the most iconic Italian food, pizza is one that just about everyone enjoys in one way or another. In its most authentic form, true Italian pizza is usually topped with whole tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and fresh herbs. In the United States, pizza is often topped with tomato sauce, a blend of shredded cheeses, and a variety of toppings from pineapple to meats like pepperoni and ham.
  2. Focaccia- Focaccia is a delicious, light, and crispy Italian bread that is baked with plenty of high quality olive oil. Unlike other bread loves, it is prepared in a sheet pan and has signature dimples across its surface which not only aid in its crispiness, but also serve as pools for more olive oil that tops the dough before baking. This creates a soft, pillowy interior housed in a crispy, crunchy crust that is sure to make you want more!
  3. Lasagne- Lasagne is popular for a reason! Full of pasta, sauce, cheese, vegetables, and sometimes meat, it can satisfy even the most picky eaters taste buds. Lasagne is a layered pasta dish that is baked and comes out cheesy and delightful every time! It is a little bit time consuming to make, but the result is well worth it, as the flavors of each layer come together to make a delicious, filling dish that can feed your whole family.
  4. Gelato- If you’ve ever eaten gelato, you will know that it is similar to ice cream, but unique in that it is less icy and often times more creamy than traditional ice cream. You can also find it not only in flavors like chocolate and vanilla, but in fruity flavors as well. Unlike sorbet, gelato contains dairy which gives it a creamy texture and delicious flavor no matter which flavor you choose. Gelato also often has a lower fat content than ice cream does, but that does not take away from its creaminess. Ice cream has more air churned into it, so gelato can have a richer texture and flavor than ice cream.  
  5. Carbonara- If you are a vegan, pasta carbonara is not the dish for you! Though delicious, it contains egg, bacon or cured pork, cheese, and cream to give it a signature salty and rich flavor that is very unique and delicious. If you do not have any dietary restrictions, however, I highly recommend you give carbonara a try next time you are in the mood for Italian food! Carbonara is very simple to make and has minimal ingredients, but all of the ingredients come together to make one of the most delicious pasta dishes you will ever try! It is truly an example of the saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.


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