The Partnership of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Martha Tilaar Group (MTG)

The announcement of the partnership was made on May 2nd, 2016, and is a step in the direction of the sustainable development of the pulp and paper industry in Asia. This decision will not only bring long-term benefits for both the companies involved but also for those that purchase their products daily. The new partnership will see MTG, which has been in the business of selling paper products for decades, team up with APP to offer their customers an environmentally friendly and sustainable product line.

What does this Partnership mean?

The partnership of APP and MTG has been created to provide continued sustainability for both the companies involved. People within the paper industry have long been made aware of the damage that modern-day manufacturing can do to the environment and our oceans but isolated incidents are not enough to bring about change. According to Sustainable Brands (, this partnership between APP and MTG is a step in the direction of sustainability for their entire industry, which includes those that buy their products but also anyone that works within it, be it engineers or workers.

What does this Partnership involve?

The partnership with MTG will see the company sell a range of environmentally friendly paper products to people all around the world. These products will promote sustainable development and involve some of the most advanced inkjet printing technology that is currently available. The MTG’s new range of paper products will use recycled fiber waste as well as 100% post-consumer recycled plastic derived from PET bottles. In addition to this, they will also be making use of water-based inks and soy ink which will help reduce the contamination levels.

What benefits does this partnership bring?

The newly formed partnership has been made in a way that will bring positive changes to the paper industry as well as benefit all those that buy their products. For example, customer satisfaction levels are expected to up considerably. It is also expected that this partnership will have a positive impact on the environment, particularly within the pulp and paper industry. Through this partnership, APP will be able to help MTG increase its revenue by making use of materials that are more environmentally responsible than ever before. The combination of APP and MTG will also bring long-term benefits to the environment by reducing the overall amount of pollution that is currently in the air.

What are some of the partner’s goals?

MTG and APP will be working together in some ways to help reduce paper consumption, including making use of recycled paper as much as possible. This has already been done in previous partnerships so this new partnership is expected to provide even greater benefits on a global scale.

What is the expected outcome?

The partnership between APP and MTG, with the integration of new recycling paper products, will ensure that the companies involved as well as customers will benefit in some ways including a positive impact on the environment. The result of this partnership will be a reduction in the overall consumption of paper products so consumers can expect to see more and more of their stock being recycled.


With this partnership, APP and MTG are pushing the boundaries of sustainable development through the use of recycled paper and recycled fiber waste. Those that buy their products will be able to make more environmentally friendly choices that will help protect the environment as well as their finances. The partnership between APP and MTG is expected to bring about many favorable effects on both sides, including an increase in the use of recycled products, improved environmental practices, and better customer satisfaction levels. This partnership is also expected to result in a significant reduction in pollution levels.

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