The Perks of Using oVertone Color Safe Conditioner to Maintain Your Dyed Locks

Coloring your hair is a fabulous way to spruce up your look. Whether you’ve gone all-in with an ideal hue, tried some balayage, added highlights or lowlights, or just covered up that gray hair, it could elevate your look to a new level.

But while you’ve upped the ante in your overall appearance, coloring your hair can damage your cuticles. Your hair has been through an oxidization process, which means the hair cuticle has been opened up to allow the dye to penetrate and give you that permanent color.

So, if your hair’s undergone a chemical transformation, you must also level up your haircare. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by using cruelty-free pigmented conditioners as part of your routine.

Why Should You Use Conditioner on Color-Treated Hair?

While conditioners are essential to your usual hair routine, they’re especially crucial for dyed hair for the following reasons.

It gives a vibrant hair color that lasts.

Here’s the thing about hair color: it can turn your hair into a moisture magnet. This means it can soak up and let go of moisture more quickly. And when your hair lacks moisture, your beautiful color can fade. 

The secret to keeping your existing hair color vibrant lies in hydration. There are specially designed gentle color-depositing conditioners for colored hair, like oVertone color-safe conditioner, that work wonders in this department. With it, you can finally say goodbye to premature color fading, whether you’re sporting classic brown hair or loud colors.

It repairs the damage from the coloring process.

The chemicals in hair coloring can be harsh on your lovely locks. They might leave your hair textures feeling weak and fragile. But worry not because this is where the right coloring conditioner steps in to save the day.

Coloring conditioners for dyed hair are like repair kits for your strands. It helps your hair soak up those much-needed proteins so it can set off on the road to recovery. And it does all these while being super gentle on your precious color.

It keeps your locks shiny and lustrous. 

Dry hair — especially colored hair — can sometimes resemble a wilted plant. It lacks that natural shine and luster that makes hair look fabulous. 

The oVertone Color Safe Conditioner is like a burst of hydration for your hair, making it soft, shiny, and radiant. You can now bid adieu to the days of dull, lifeless hair, as this color-depositing conditioner keeps your locks looking fabulous.

3 Tips for Maintaining Colored Hair

You can keep that color-treated hair looking stunning with a bit of TLC and a sprinkle of creativity. 

Here are some fantastic tips on ensuring your semi-permanent hair stays in tip-top condition so you can rock that gorgeous color for as long as possible. 

1) Go easy on the shampoo.

Here’s a little secret: You don’t always need to shampoo your hair, especially if you’ve got color-treated hair. Shampoo can dull your hair color quickly, so it’s best to skip it and dive straight into the conditioner. 

Now, when you decide it’s shampoo time, show your color-treated hair some extra love. Condition it every time you wash it, and make sure you’re using a conditioner specifically designed to protect your color, like oVertone Color Safe Conditioner. 

Even if your hair is fine, don’t skimp on conditioning. Focus on the tips, as they’re the most damaged parts of your hair. Start at your ears, and let the conditioner work its magic down to the ends. 

2) Deep condition your hair weekly.

Make a date with a deep conditioning treatment like coconut oil and shea butter once a week to give your hair that extra oomph and shine. 

After you’ve showered, your hair should be damp but not dripping. Spread the conditioner through your hair, starting at the roots all the way to the tips. Afterward, you can twist your hair into a bun, secure it with a pin, or gently wrap it in a soft towel. Let that treatment soak in for about 30 minutes. When the time’s up, rinse it out and enjoy smoother, shinier hair.

3) Nourish your locks from within with a healthy diet.

Here’s a little secret to head-turning hair color — it starts with what you put on your plate. Your diet plays a central role in how your hair looks and feels, regardless of hair types.

Think of your hair as a reflection of your diet. When you munch on nutrient-rich foods, you feed your hair the good stuff it craves. 

Your hair’s best friends are iron and protein. These super-nutrients power your scalp and hair, making them strong and beautiful. So, load up on iron-rich foods like lean meat, fish, and spinach. And don’t forget the protein sources, like egg whites, low-fat cheeses, and soy. They’ll do wonders for your hair, improving its texture and giving it that extra oomph.

Snacking can be a hair-boosting secret, too. Munch on fruits, nuts, veggies, and grains between meals. They ensure your hair gets a continuous flow of nutrients throughout the day.

Keep doing these haircare tips, and your dyed locks will thank you!

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