The Quiet Life: Which Are the Best Small Towns to Live in Washington State?

The Quiet Life Which Are the Best Small Towns to Live in Washington State

Washington State is experiencing rapid growth, with the population increasing by over 1 million people since the last census in 2010.

Many arrive in Washington to take advantage of the many available job opportunities, others simply want to experience a quieter way of life.

Are you considering a move to this lovely state or wondering where to retire in WA? These are the best small towns to live in Washington State.


This small village is one of the safest towns in Washington State and also undergoing positive economic growth. What’s more, the town is part of an award-winning school district, ranked in the top ten statewide.

The serene environment of Snoqualmie is only interrupted by the gushing of a nearby waterfall which forms part of its scenic surroundings. The town has a rural feel and boasts a strong eco-conscious spirit.

Residents of this close community enjoy some of the highest incomes statewide, around 138% higher than the national average. Most residents consider Snoqualmie a great place to call home despite the high cost of living.

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island is best known as one of the settings for scenes from Grey’s Anatomy. It’s also a hit with people from Seattle, who can pop across the Sound to visit in just half an hour.

It’s a popular place for nature lovers, who enjoy the pristine surroundings and access to Elliot Bay’s water sports and weekend camping activities.

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LA Connor

Rivers, mountains, and pine forests combine to make this one of Washington’s most scenic towns. It’s also a cultural haven with several popular museums to keep you busy.

The best-known of these are the Skagit Historical Museum, the Gaches Mansion, and the Museum of Northwest Art.

An annual Tulip Festival and other events bring the town alive with visitors. Usually, only 890 residents call this artistic little hamlet home.


Another historic treasure, Ellensburg boasts lovely historic buildings in its Downtown district. It’s also an epicenter of the arts with many galleries featuring both modern and historic paintings and sculptures.

You’ll also find a hefty helping of serenity when you take a stroll among the grounds of Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park.

It’s a quiet place with an emphasis on local produce and small businesses. There’s not a lot to do in Ellensburg unless the rodeo’s in town, but once you get to know your neighbors, you’ll experience no shortage of social engagements.

Discovering the Best Small Towns to Live in Washington State

Are you still undecided about where to live in Washington State? Fortunately, you can test drive some of these best towns to live in Washington State for a weekend or more.

The abundance of tourist opportunities in this part of the USA makes it easy to get a feel for your new surroundings before you move.

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