The Role of the Artist in Game Design

The Role of the Artist in Game Design

The profession of a game artist is self-explanatory. These people take care of all the work related to the visual design of the game. It can be both 2D and 3D art: characters, props, decorations, environments, textures, and more. Thanks to the combination of graphic elements in a single style, we get a coherent look and feel of the game. Artists work in computer programs. But this does not prevent them from sometimes making sketches by hand. This is especially true for 2D artists.

What role does the artist play in the overall picture of game design? It seems to some that there is nothing difficult in creating art for a game, and the main work is done by programmers, filling the game with interactivity. But art is not just a collection of pictures and models. Every element of the game, down to the last texture of a pebble on the ground that may not be seen by the player, is of great importance. At the same time, all art should be in the same style and be created taking into account the chosen platform and game engine. It doesn’t look so easy now, does it?

Let us tell you a little more about the work of game artists. Finally, you will receive a special hint on where to find the best characters, props and environmental artist for your game design.

What Does a Games Artist Do?

The appearance of the game is very important at least for the first impression of the player. Even after watching the trailer, the player can already tell how modern the graphics are and how well the artists have done. Some games take the path of maximum realism. Others prefer a stylized presentation of visual material. But the essence of the artists’ work is the same. They create characters, environments and objects to get the desired effect.

As we said, games can be 2D and 3D. It all starts with sketches and concepts that turn into full-fledged models. All artists work under the guidance of an artist lead who coordinates their work. Of course, the huge amount of visual material in the game requires a certain separation of duties. Therefore, there are many different types of artists:

  1. Concept artist. These are specialists who collect references and create sketches that will later be used by other artists.
  2. Character artist. This artist is engaged in the creation of characters: their appearance, physique, clothing, textures, etc.
  3. Environment artist. These experts are working on creating the game world: forests, mountains, buildings, roads, interiors, exteriors, and more.
  4. Modelers. These are 3D artists whose specialization can also be shared. They can deal with all models at once, or separately with characters, props or vehicles.
  5. Texture artist. These artists are involved in the creation of textures for characters, environments and objects, which requires a thorough knowledge of perspective, lighting and materials.

Sometimes teams are also categorized as lighting and visual effects artists. But this is usually true when working with large-scale projects where there is really a lot of work in these areas.


Graphic design in the gaming industry plays an important role in the evaluation of a game by users. For many players, a beautiful setting and uncomplicated gameplay such as shooting enemies are quite enough in order to get complete satisfaction from the game. Therefore, gaming companies are constantly trying to improve the graphics even more to make it as close to reality as possible.

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