The Ultimate Gift Guide for Women Gamers

If you’re not a gamer yourself, it can be intimidating to try to figure out a gift to buy for your friend or family member who is. That’s all the more important when gaming is a particularly prominent aspect of their personality. However, a bit of research is more than enough to give you the insight you need to find a great gamer gift, whether that’s as simple as a gift card or as intricate as a console or another type of upgrade. 

Upgrade their gaming setup

Whatever your favorite gamer’s platform of choice, chances are their setup is a critical part of the gaming experience. From upgrading to a gaming PC, to headsets to their console or mobile device, each component impacts their capacity to play and their enjoyment of each round. To choose a present they’re sure to love, consider offering them an upgrade for that setup. If you know they’re using Bluetooth headphones without a microphone, or the mic on their current gaming headset is busted, do some research into the best gaming headset for their particular needs. Not sure what additions or upgrades their setup would benefit from? Ask them about the equipment and accessories they use—they’ll be happy to share their passion with someone excited to listen. 

Show them your support

There’s no reason you have to wait until you’re learning more to inspire a gift before listening to what your loved one has to say about gaming. Like those with any hobby, gamers will be touched when they’re met by a friend or family member with a genuine interest in their particular passion. If they’re interested in gaming as a career, such as through e-sports, consider finding a gift that will help show your support for that goal. For instance, you might select an assortment of racerback bras that make it clear you see their efforts as comparable to an offline sport—if nothing else, you’ll help them be more comfortable while they play. If you know they enjoy a particular style of game, ask them to tell you more about it. You might even be inspired by the conversation and be better prepared to pick the perfect present. 

Shift the control to them

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Women Gamers

Don’t know her bra size? Don’t risk one that won’t offer that all-important comfortable fit. Not sure of what sound quality or battery life they want or need in a headset? Don’t choose a seemingly great option they won’t be able to use. Look into a gift card for a shop that specializes in gaming gear or another related subject. In this way, you’ll be able to make sure they get the best headset or other items for their needs while still offering your support. 

Invest in a specific splurge

For a gamer, it might not be a challenge to find a good headset or another accessory for their gaming experience. What they’re more likely to struggle with, though, is making a more significant splurge. If you know they’re passionate about Playstation, you might decide to upgrade their PS4 to a PS5. Of course, you don’t have to make as significant a purchase as a console to choose an impactful gift. You might talk to your loved ones and learn they can hardly wait to try a certain new game with a hefty price tag. By splurging on that gift for them, they’ll get to play that particular game and will appreciate the effort you put into surprising them with something special. 

For non-gamers, finding the perfect gift for your friend or family member with a passion for video games can seem to be a challenge. However, that doesn’t have to be an insurmountable one. Whether you’re searching for the best wireless gaming headset on the market or you’re showing your support through another sort of purchase, your best option for a gift for your favorite gamer will ultimately be your support of their passion. 

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