These games may surprise you in 2023

The year 2023 promises to be a bit better than the previous one, as we should finally receive a couple of late and those particularly anticipated blockbusters. Regardless of what ratings they get, it’s safe to assume that such productions as Diablo IV, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Starfield, Hogwarts Legacy, or The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are sure to be talked about and enjoy huge popularity. Provided, of course, their launches happen! There are also bound to be a few “turkey” surprises that will take everyone by surprise and win many fans thanks to their playability. Alongside them, there are also games that are not as well-publicized and don’t have as big budgets as AAA titles, but nevertheless, by their very announcements, they arouse interest and may turn out to be the proverbial “black horse” of next year – an unexpected hit that will make as much fuss as the first part of A Plague Tale or Hellblade once did. Among them, we also picked out a couple of items from today’s slightly more niche genres. Here’s our list of those lesser-known titles worth keeping an eye on in 2023. 

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Forever Skies

Release Date: 2023 (Early Access)

Genre: Survival

Manufacturer: Far From Home S.A.

Platform: PC, at a later date PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

What will Forever Skies be about?

Forever Skies is a Polish survival game that takes us to a rather original place. There is a familiar post-apocalypse theme here, but everything happens above the clouds, as the world is covered with toxic dust. Navigating a futuristic airship, which also serves as a base camp, we try to survive in these extreme conditions while searching for a cure for a strange plague that is devastating the remnants of the survivors. The game’s locations are platforms jutting up to the clouds, often being the ruins of former skyscrapers. It is between them that we will come to fly our ship. And the whole thing is said to be heavily inspired by Krakow’s smog problems.

Why is it worth the wait?

Some time ago, the developers released a demo of Forever Skies, which allowed everyone to see what this rather original game will be about. And it turned out to have quite addictive gameplay, especially with the expansion of the ship, which can turn into a magnificent residential base, even with the customization of cosmetic elements. We haven’t yet seen many of the planned mechanics, such as at least the combat system, or the co-op mode, which will certainly add variety to a stay in this inhospitable, toxic world. Although the studio behind this title is new, it consists of veterans previously working on Chernobylite, The Medium, Dead Island, and Divinity: Original Sin. The authors, by releasing a second, revised version of the demo, have given a signal that they are listening to the game’s fans and taking all suggestions to heart. Forever Skies promises to be one of the most original productions of next year.

Dune Awakening

Release Date:: 2023

Genre: MMO/survival

Manufacturer: Funcom

Platform: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

What will Dune Awakening be about?

Recently, Dune returned in the form of an RTS, which means – as if it wasn’t – it was a return to its roots. But it’s not the end of reminding players about the famous universe from Frank Herbert’s books. The next announced entry, Dune Awakening, is expected to be an MMO game in which scores of people will fight each other for spice on the planet Arrakis. The game is also expected to include survivalist elements. It will be important to take care of water supplies, build camps and – of course – avoid the infamous maggot.

Why is it worth the wait?

Interest in Dune increased significantly after the release of Denis Villeneuve’s not-bad movie. The sequel to this work is due to be released in November, so Dune is sure to be in the spotlight again. A game from this universe will either let you get into the mood before the sequel, continue your adventure in the world of Arrakis, or both – especially for the biggest fans of Dune. Besides, there are never enough good MMOs. And there are some real veterans behind this item, as the Funcom studio has been around since the 1990s and has such titles as Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, and Conan Exiles to its credit. There’s a good chance they’ll create something truly noteworthy.

Lies of P

Release Date: 2023

Genre: Soulslike

Manufacturer: Round&Studio

Platform: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

What will Lies of P be about?

Lies of P is a rather unusual, dark adaptation of Pinocchio’s adventures from Carl Collodi’s classic novel. Instead of an informative and touching tale about a wooden doll who wanted to become a boy, here we have a racial soul-like story, in which Pinocchio is a mechanical robot and a specialist in fighting with white weapons. He tries to make his way to the mysterious Geppetto through the rather inhospitable streets of the metropolis of Krat evoking late 19th-century Paris. The bookish protagonist’s nose, which grows with every lie, is replaced here by the gradual loss of his special powers. The more human P becomes, the weaker he performs in battle.

Why wait?

Regardless of its inaccessibility and high level of difficulty, soul slices are on the upswing, as Elden Ring recently demonstrated, becoming the most talked-about title of 2022. Lies of P doesn’t boast as famous a studio as FromSoftware, but we have to admit that the trailers promise an extremely atmospheric game that can impress with its world and atmosphere alone. In addition, we are to get procedurally generated quests, linked to the title lies, and the mechanics of losing abilities also promises to be quite interesting. Maybe it won’t be the second Bloodborne, but it’s definitely worth keeping this item in mind – Pinocchio has a chance to stir up a lot in 2023.

Broken Roads

Release Date: 2023

Genre: isometric RPG

Manufacturer: Drop Bear Bytes

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

What will Broken Roads be about?

Broken Roads will remind us of the days of the first installments of the Fallout series. It’s also an isometric RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world – created from familiar locations in Australia. Traversing its wilderness, we will have to fight for survival and make various difficult decisions affecting the game world and the protagonist’s personality. Clashes will take place in a turn-based system with the use of a sizable arsenal – from white weapons to firearms to explosives, and we will be assisted in battle by the entire team. In addition to traditional mechanics and RPG elements, Broken Roads will also feature a so-called moral compass shaped by our decisions and unlocking various perks and options during dialogues.

Why it’s worth the wait?

One of the creators of Broken Roads is Colin McComb, who worked, among others, on the first two parts of Fallout and the legendary Planescape: Torment. So the game should satisfy any fan of those classic titles or Disco Elysium-style items. Looking at how much emphasis is to be placed on dialogues, character development, moral choices, and accompanying philosophical issues, we might even get a candidate for RPG of the year. And setting the game’s action in post-apocalyptic Australia should encourage any Mad Max sympathizer – there will certainly be no shortage of references to that universe.


Release Date: 2023

Genre: Survival FPP

Manufacturer: Inflexion Games

Platform: PC

What will Nightingale be about?

Nightingale is a network survival game, in which the action is observed from a first-person perspective. The thing takes place in a magical world, where suddenly the portals connecting different lands with each other are missing. So the heroes wander in search of their home – the titular city of Nightingale – once ending up in dark labyrinths, at other times in beautiful locations where danger may lurk anyway. The whole thing has a somewhat steampunk atmosphere combining the Victorian era with magic. You will be able to play both alone and in co-op.

Why is it worth waiting for?

Who knows, if not the biggest incentive for players in our country is the fact that one of the NPC characters that will be able to join our team is to be… Maria Skłodowska-Curie! There will also be other historical characters with unique personalities, which is expected to be one of the attractions. It’s also worth noting that the project is being overseen by veterans from BioWare, and the game is being ported to Unreal Engine 5, which will give it an even nicer setting. Survival with Maria? That hasn’t been seen before!

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