The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Trading Bitcoin

When penetrating into a market that is pre-dominated by big names in any field ,you must have a competitive advantage that you should equip yourself with. Most of these big names remain on top because of keeping customer wants ahead.

In the BTC Casino sites there are big names such as Bitstarz,mbit,7Bit,cloudbet among others and each site is best in their own way and has different competitive advantages.

So, in order to come up as the best BTC casino site owner you need to cut across all the levels made by these companies.

There are specific aspects you need to put as a priority inorder to emerge as the best or rather exploit any weakness of the competitors. These aspects include;

  • Customer privacy/Security
  • Efficiency of the Casino site
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Customer privacy

You should ensure there is privacy of information for all your customers.Bitcoin casinos have anonymous accounts where deposits are never tied to your name or personal information. And as for efficiency and delivering a best casino site,you should ensure that this a top-tier thing in your site

You should ensure that your site is free from third parties involvement .Bitcoin Casino sites should not rely on third parties to process transactions. Thus they can be completely untraceable and their owners cannot be held accountable if their customers are defrauded.

Your Bitcoin Casino site should not share information about customers with third party companies. Thus there is no risk of hacking or downtime because credit card information and bank accounts can be compromised.

You should have a provision having individual privacy controls for each account. You can use a different email address for each account, and pay anonymously. Players can also control their own passwords and keep their banking information safe from hackers.


You should ensure that your bitcoin site has fast withdrawals and payouts. Most bitcoins sites have remittance services and you can expect payment in hours, not days like other online gambling in order to compete more efficiently with such sites you need to ensure that your sites are quicker.

You should ensure your BTC Casino site has great customer support and friendly, knowledgeable staff, available 24/7 to answer any questions one has about Bitcoin gambling.

You should ensure your BTC Casino site offers a variety of deposit methods just as the many other BTC casino sites, including direct bank deposits and prepaid cards. They also have many payment methods for faster withdrawals.

You should ensure your BTC casino site is super-fun to play and offer many attractive bonuses for new customers. Ensure all your customers can try all games on these sites, before they have to spend any real money on them.

Your BTC casino site should offer great service and pleasant atmosphere to attract more players


You should ensure that your BTC casino site is easy to use.This will attract many potential players ,Unlike some BTC casino sites which require their players to have a lot of knowledge in bitcoins and computer science.

You should ensure that your BTC casino provides an easy way and minimizes risks of potential players as by this they will be attracted more where the sites are exposes them to minimal risks


You should ensure your Bitcoin Casino site has a wide range of betting opportunities. There are Bitcoin slots, jackpots and other gambling games to choose from that offer players with a wide range to choose from.

You should ensure that the company making the payment to players ensures a smooth transactional process between them and the companies.


You should ensure your bitcoin site provides instant withdrawals. This will allow players to withdraw funds instantly after they win real money, using Bitcoin only.Best BTC Casino sites offer fast payouts. Most Bitcoin casinos support Instant-Payout features and offer immediate access to your money, regardless of your withdrawal method.

Bitcoin Casino sites are excellent for small depositors who want an easy way to get started with gambling online with Bitcoins, without making a large initial deposit.

So in order to penetrate this market and attract more players you should include this provision

Other aspects of building/coming up with best BTC Casino sites should include;

You should ensure your bitcoin Casino site offers a simple and clear registration process where players can enter their address, payment method and email address.

Offer customer loyalty programmes and bonuses to attract new players.

Offer excellent customer service like quick reply to inquiries and mails made by customers and potential players.

Build trust of your customers, you should keep this by ensuring that all your transactions are secure and safe. Your customers would always feel secure when they use your site because they know their investment is safe.

Offering great design and good compensation programme in the site

Make customers be in full control of their funds and Bitcoin balance on the site.

Offer a live chat or other direct communication options on their website.This will ensure a quality interaction with players and they will feel involved as they can ask questions and be answered

You should have an excellent design experience for players to get them to play more when they register on your bitcoin casino site.

Make a provision of live dealer options available in your website

Provide tutorials and guidelines on the website for the purpose of educating potential players and attracting more players on your site.

Offering videos of procedures and transactional processes that are involved in the BTC casino site you’re creating.

Employ knowledgeable staff to answer queries made by players and potential players

Create a diverse means of reaching clients such as social media platforms. By creating blogs or ad ons in various sites.

Giving reminders of exclusive promotions and offers to players and thus attracting potential players.


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