Three Types of Easy Roller Dice

Did you know that 16% of people own 100 or more tabletop games? While you might think of board games as a relic of the past, the market is still booming. From D&D to independent horror games, there are so many stories that you and your friends can explore.

First, though, it’s important that you get the right Easy Roller dice for your game. Tread on to learn three common types of dice that you should invest in.

  1. African Bloodstone

These stone dice also have Elvenkind Font for the numbers for a more immersive fantasy experience. You can purchase them as a full collection or as individual dice. This lets you create a cohesive aesthetic or mix and match die as you please.

  1. Blue Color Spray

Blue Color Spray dice are made from taking a white polyhedral die and splattering it with blue paint. Each die is completely unique as a result of this. They are distinct, one-of-a-kind, and individualistic, much like your strategies as a tabletop player.

In addition to blue, you can also get Color Spray dice in other hues. Whether you’re a fan of warm colors or cool hues, there’s something that you’re sure to love. Since full sets only cost around $10, you’re getting an excellent deal.

These dice come in sets of either 7 or 11 pieces. You will at least get a D20, S12, D10, D8, D6, D4, and percentile die. This is a great way to get all of the dice you need for tabletop gaming at once so that you can feel ready to play.

  1. Golden Ocean Reef

If you’re a fan of luxury and warm colors, Golden Ocean Reef dice are likely right for you. You can get them in pretty much any shape that you’re looking for, so they’re an excellent choice regardless of your gaming needs.

These dice are sparkling and shimmering because of their distinct gold flake. Their metallic look is complemented by the blue numbering on their high-quality plastic surface. The contrast here is beautiful and gives it a unique and distinct appeal.

Like with all Easy Roller dice, Golden Ocean Reed sets come with a little dice bag. This is great because storing your dice the right way prevents scratching. They can preserve their luxurious luster for many years to come.

Beyond Easy Roller Dice

Playing board games is a lot of fun, but you can’t win unless you choose the perfect dice for your needs. Now that you know the types of Easy Roller dice that you can use for gaming, it’s time to learn more about upping your tabletop prowess. Check out the ‘entertainment’ tab on our home page for tips on how to improve your strategy at dice games of all varieties.

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