TikTok Achieves Its Goal To Become A Top Music Talent Resource

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In February 2021, Ole Obermann, TikTok’s Head of Music, talked about the goals of the platform in an interview with MBW. According to him, TikTok has the vision to be a crucial platform for A &R and music talents discovery. TikTok gives emerging artists the chance to showcase their music to the public and connect them to their initial fan base. Musicians become famous on TikTok.

Due to their fame on TikTok, the artists can get publishing deals or record deals. Consequently, they become popular outside the platform. In December 2020, TikTok highlighted its role in discovering new artists for the music industry in a report.

The platform disclosed that more than 70 artists discovered in 2020 on Tiktok have gotten record label deals. Research conducted by MRC Data for TikTok has confirmed these claims. The study revealed that over 75% of TikTok US users disclosed that it found new musical artists through the platform.

Also, 72% of user on TikTok said linked some songs to TikTok while 62% may search music streaming sites for songs uploaded on TikTok. About 63% disclosed that they listened to some new music first on this platform. These findings showed that TikTok had realized its goal of becoming a top talent resource for the music industry across the globe.

TikTok pointed out that the study by MRC Data highlighted the significance of music on the platform. Also, it emphasized the impact of music and its importance for the platform users and brands. According to TikTok, the role of sound and music in human lives is essential. As a result, many brands use the sounds created on this platform to connect and engage their audience.

It does not end there. The brands that partner with TikTok’s emerging artists and use their music will not regret their actions. They will experience brand engagement and relevancy to the audience resulting from the influence of the music. Fortunately, the large population of

TikTok users contributed to this benefit for the business owners

In MBW 2021 first-quarter report, 732 million TikTok users were active monthly by October 2020. These figures indicated that TikTok’s users are more than twice the population of active users on Spotify. MBW estimated that TikTok would have over 800 million MAUs by the second quarter and possibly more than a billion in 2022.

The MRC Data findings supported TikTok’s role in offering opportunities to new music artists. Businesses connect to the new artists through TikTok. Besides, Ole Obermann pointed out that TikTok is essential in music talent scouting and linking the artists to fans.

TikTok also connects brands to its community

A new report from App Annie, a renowned analytics firm, disclosed new stats that support the role of TikTok in music discovery. The publication revealed that the average time spent monthly by each Android user on TikTok surpassed that for the UK and US YouTube users. The analysis was carried out as of May 2021.

Fortunately, YouTube remains the biggest video streaming site worldwide. Each month, over 2 billion YouTube users stream music on it. However, TikTok is at its heel. By the beginning of 2021 third quarter, over 3 billion users have installed the TikTok app.

Match on your content with the audience

Getting the attention of your fans is primarily based on the content of your music. If you write a song about drinking beer in the ocean, you can be sure that grade school children will not be allowed to play your music in front of their parents.  It wouldn’t matter how catchy or straightforward that melody is; your content exceeds everything when it comes to your targeted audience. If you write a song about heartbreak, you’re writing to a specific audience, and typically those that have been through heartbreak will listen. There are instances where people listen to songs they cannot relate to, which means that a particular artist made some great music! This is probably one of the most challenging points for up-and-coming artists. You don’t have an audience yet, so you want to be careful not to discourage anyone from listening to your music. If you choose to use profanity in your lyrics, then I would encourage you ahead of time to make sure that you have a version of your song with clean content. As an up-and-coming artist who has not yet developed a solid audience, it’s good to stay away from any limitations.

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