Tips and tricks for mobile casino play

Tips and tricks for mobile casino play

Mobile casinos have become one of the favorite pastimes for many South Africans who like to gamble since the global Coronavirus pandemic hit our continent. It’s no wonder why – online casinos are a great way to earn some extra cash and have some fun while you’re at it. 

Though the opportunities for online gambling seem infinite, it’s very important to know where you put your money. This is why reading reviews, such as this silversands casino, is crucial. In this article, you will find other much-needed tips and tricks for betting online.

1. Know your software

When you gamble online it’s important to know whether the device you have on hand supports the casino of your choice. Though most online casinos can be played on any PC, you have to be more mindful when it comes to your mobile device. Most phones come with either Android or iOS systems installed, so getting an adequate application is highly important. For example, you can gamble on casinomobile.co.za no matter which phone you use since it’s accessed through your phone’s internet browser.

2. Manage your spending

While you play your favorite game, it’s the best idea to closely watch your bankroll. It’s normal to get excited about your wins and try to keep the winning streak, but getting lost in the game is always the risk. Experts advise you to open a new bank account for your betting habits, just so you’ll always stay on top of your spending habits. This way if you hit a losing streak you’ll know when to pay closer attention to your financial situation.

3. Get to know the rules

Before you play a new game, we advise you to read its rules. Of course, no one expects you to go through the entire page of terms and conditions with a highlighter, but a quick skim will be enough. The amount of familiarity with the rules also depends on the game. If you choose to play slots where luck is the largest factor reading through the rules page is of less importance. On the other hand, board games such as blackjack require more knowledge of what the game entails. This way you won’t be caught off guard by any aspect of the game. 

4. Stay on top of the bonuses

Being aware of the newest offers of your casino is how you maximize your profits. Free spins or refer-a-friend programs can help you boost your status in the game. Most casinos you can subscribe to will notify you with an email when they’re having a promotion, so checking your mail once in a while is encouraged.

5. Be clear-headed

Gambling online can be a very emotional experience whether you often win or lose. Extreme emotions can greatly affect your skills, so being a level-headed player can take your gameplay to the next level. Also, betting while tipsy or drunk can be detrimental to both your wins and your bank account. 

6. Consider house edge

Whether you play on mobile or in real life, casinos have the edge which maximizes their profits. Games that are based purely on luck (and the algorithm) such as slots have a higher edge, while those which require certain skills have a lower edge. By increasing your skill and practicing lower edge games, you’ll increase your chances of winning. 

7. Have a battery pack on you

Gambling online can be so fun that you can sometimes lose track of time and your phone’s battery status. It’s an unwritten rule that your phone is on its deathbed when you need it the most, so having a battery pack on you when you start playing is very important. Don’t ever start playing your favorite game when you are low on battery. If your mobile decides to call it quits in the middle of the game, it’s possible you’ll just lose the money you wagered at the beginning.

8. Progressive Jackpots

If you play to win a jackpot prize, you should take a look if your casino of choice offers progressive jackpots. You can win heaps of money since the jackpot grows with every player’s loss which is why we recommend you give it a chance. Who knows, you may be the next winner!

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