Tips for Making Memories With Seniors

One thing that this pandemic has taught us is to never take the moments that we spend with our loved ones for granted—we never know what’s around the corner. If this lesson hits close to home, it might be worth thinking about ways of making memories with your aging loved ones.

So, if you want some tips on spending quality time with your senior family members this fall season, keep reading because we’ve got exactly what you need.

Try Something New

One of the best ways to forge new memories is to try things that your senior loved ones have always wanted to do. Health and energy permitting, Share in an activity that is new and exciting. This could include seeing a particular show or concert or eating a particular kind of food.

Speak openly with your loved ones about things that they’ve never had the opportunity to try. Granted, there might be adventures that might no longer be appropriate for their limitations. For instance, your loved ones being in elder care may mean that they can no longer take strenuous trips. In that case, find as many activities that involve their senses. Activities like crafts, reading together can be worthwhile pursuits in forging new memories. 

Another great activity that fits this category is our next tip…

Get Groovy

Music is an extraordinary medium for creating memories, as well as evoking older ones. Depending on how musically talented you consider your family will depend on how far you can take this one.

If someone in your family plays an instrument, you can encourage than to learn some of your aging loved ones’ favorite songs. If that sounds a little too ambitious, setting up a regular Karaoke evening with “oldies but goodies” might be more your thing. The important thing is to share in music that your senior loved ones like and encourage them to sing along. This can have amazing effects on their cognitive functions. 

Say Cheese!

A photo album or a scrapbook is one of the most precious gifts you can give to your elderly loved ones. Actively working to fill that album can be a wonderful motivation for spending time together. Gathering old photos from their past as well as making new ones can evoke hours of conversations. Don’t rush this process, let your loved ones go on tangents and listen intently to their stories.

Look out for new opportunities to take photos during different activities. This will be of great value in making memories for both you and your aging loved ones. 

Making Memories That Last

Making memories with aging loved ones is something that requires a lot of care and attention. After all, each family has its own tastes and circumstances. That being said, one principle to keep in mind when making memories that last is to look out for the needs and interests of others rather than those of yourself. You should not limit your ability to make precious memories with your loved ones because of embarrassment or procrastination.

When it comes to your senior loved ones, time is of the essence, so seize the day!

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