Tips for successful road traffic accident claim

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Traffic accidents happen all the time, and unfortunately, sometimes the consequences can be severe. If your car has sustained damage, or if you have been injured, filing a road traffic accident claim may sometimes be your only way to cover the costs of repairs and/or medical treatment.

This is why it’s important to do everything in your power to make sure your claim is resolved successfully and that you are duly compensated for the things you go through from the accident onwards. It is possible to do things that will improve your chances for that, so here are a few important tips you need to be aware of.

Get a solicitor!

While it may sometimes seem that you can deal with the claim yourself, having an experienced solicitor in your corner is extremely important for several reasons. For one, you can expect the other side to have one, if not a team of solicitors, especially if you’re going up against an insurance company.

Furthermore, a solicitor can tell you how good your chances are to win before you file a road traffic accident claim in the first place, and they can deal with all the intricacies of the legal system for you, leaving you with more time to focus on your recovery and helping you avoid stress. And since many solicitors don’t charge you a fee if they don’t win these cases, there’s no financial downside to hiring one.

Gather evidence!

You will need to be able to prove what happened in the accident, so you should start collecting evidence as soon as you can if possible, of course. Take photos with your smartphone is possible, and try to find witnesses who saw what happened. Ask them if they are willing to corroborate your version of the accident and see if you can get their contact information. Having an eye-witness can be crucial in winning your case, especially if it goes to court.

Keep the medical reports!

Another type of evidence is the medical reports that cover the injuries you suffered in the accident. Keep them so that you can be duly compensated for any treatment you undergo as a consequence of the event. Besides, an opinion of an independent medical expert can also be hugely important in court.

Preserving your medical reports is especially important if you suffer serious injuries that require a longer rehabilitation process. In cases like these, paying for the treatment is sometimes impossible without winning the road traffic accident claim.

File the claim quickly!

You usually have to file your claim within three years from the moment the accident happens, but it’s better to do it ASAP. The sooner you file the claim, the sooner will you get compensated, plus the memory of the event in your (and your witnesses’) head will still be fresh so you will be able to provide more detail.

Also, by filing the claim early, you’re allowing your solicitor to prepare more thoroughly – if you’re making a claim close to the end of that three-year deadline, things could get rushed a bit.


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