Tips on Tailoring Your Most Beloved Clothing Items

Tips on Tailoring Your Most Beloved Clothing Items

Your closet might be full of clothes, but, without a doubt, you have a few items that are your absolute favorites. These items are your go-to for functions when you want to look good or need a confidence-boosting outfit. To your dismay, you find your old favorite just does not seem to fit you properly anymore; so, what can you do to save a beloved clothing item? This may be the time to tailor your clothes. A new piece of clothing is a great addition to an existing ensemble or to keep your look fresh and up to date.

Reasons to Tailor Clothes

Your clothing, old or new, may need tailoring for many reasons. Standard store sizing, changes in your body shape, wear and tear of beloved items, and changing fashions can all influence your wardrobe. Your body may be a certain size, but the sizes in the store do not guarantee a perfect fit. Everyone is unique, and standard store sizes will not fit every inch of your body to perfection. Slight weight gain or loss, exercise, pregnancy, and other life events can also affect your body’s measurements.

Beloved clothing items can start to look a bit drab after years of wear, but you may not want to throw the items out just yet. These wardrobe staples may simply require a bit of tweaking to look great again or to keep up with the current fashion trends. Tailoring your clothing is the perfect way to get the best fit. It can give clothing new life and makes it look as if it was made just for you! You can attempt small changes yourself, but major alterations should be done by a professional tailor.

Tailoring for Your Body Shape

Deciding to tailor clothing is a personal choice, but one that can make your body look amazing. A well-draped dress or perfectly fitting pair of pants is visually appealing. It is not always ideal to purchase a new piece of clothing to suit your body shape when a beloved item of clothing can also do the trick.

Most people know exactly which areas of their bodies provide problems when it comes to clothes. Focus on these areas when you fit your old clothes or ones that you found at the back of your closet. If the clothes are too large, you can tailor them to fit your body better. If you have a large bust and most of your tops are too big, then bring in the sides at the seams. Alternatively, you can add some pleats to the back, which will give a better fit around your waist.

People who are short or have a petite frame can have a hem made shorter on existing pants to fit better with a different pair of shoes. Pants with wide legs can be given a new look by bringing them in at the seams to create a tighter fit. You can have clothing made smaller if you have lost a lot of weight, have your longer skirts made into shorter skirts for summer, or bring a neckline higher for a more modest outfit. The waist of clothing can be brought out slightly to make an item larger. Sewing pockets closed is a good idea if they tend to bulge at the hips.

A Breath of Fresh Air

An existing clothing item you love to wear may also have become slightly outdated. Fashions change, and your clothing should, too. You might also want to give a beloved piece a slightly new look. You can take off the sleeves, cuffs, or collar. Work off the edges neatly if you wish to have a sleeveless item. Alternatively, choose a contrasting fabric to make new sleeves, cuffs, and collars. You can use bold colors or an interesting print. Add new buttons or a zipper for a new touch.

Temporary Tailoring Options

There are times when your favorite piece of clothing causes trouble. Whether it happens when you have just put it on or when you have already left the house, it becomes a fashion emergency and will need to be fixed.

Use double-sided tape if your hem on a dress or jeans is too long. Stick small pieces of the tape on the outside of the garment, directly above the hem. Carefully turn the hem over to the inside and stick the other side of the tape to the inside of the garment. This is a quick-fix solution if your pants are just too long to go with your current shoes.

A dress that is too long or too big around the middle can be cinched in at the waist. Choose a beautiful belt to accompany your outfit and place it tightly around your waist. It will bring in the middle and lift the hem. You can also pull more fabric up above the belt to give a billowing effect. Safety pins should be used on the inside of a blouse if it tends to gape or if the buttons pop easily. Only a small strip of the pin will show on the outside if the pin is placed on the inside.

Seams may pop loose at the most inconvenient times. Luckily, a stapler can solve the problem. Remove the garment in a private place and turn it inside-out; then staple along the seam line. Turn it back out and wear it until you have time to make permanent repairs.

Tailor with Embellishments

Adding small extras to your garments will also make them look as good as new. Blank t shirts can be turned into evening tee’s with some beading or jewels glued on the surface. Embroidered patterns can be added by a professional. If you can’t save some of your favorite tees, use these ideas to repurpose them.

Replacing the buttons with new ones will instantly update your outfit. Choose a color that is currently in season. Brooches and pins also liven up an outfit. They are especially useful if you want to add a ruffle effect to sleeves. To shorten sleeves, you can pinch the hem in one hand and bring it up to the length you want, creating soft tufts in the process. Then, pin the ruffles in place with the brooch.

Small imperfections in your outfit can also be hidden with a ribbon or brooch. Choose a striking design and pin the embellishment over a stain or small tear. Old clothes can be brought back into fashion with a few tweaks. Your beloved clothing items will get an extra life and can be worn for several more years.

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