Top 10 Cat Food Brands in Singapore

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We know you want the best food for your cat and the right way to do this is to go for the best brands.  Since there are lots of brands out there, it can make differentiating between the best and not so good brands difficult. In this piece, we will unveil the top ten that you can choose from.

Importance of Choosing Right Cat Food

The kind of diet you feed to your pets goes a long way to decide how healthy they will be. There is no exception for your feline friend. For you to ensure your cat’s health, you need to feed your cat with the right food. Besides, it is very crucial to know that choosing the wrong food that is not up to the cat’s standard can make your cat refuse to eat. Since there are numerous brands to choose from, we have helped you narrowed it down to the following:

Hill science produces different food types. They offer both science diets and prescription diet that cater to different age ranges and health conditions such as urinary, kidney, and weight. Their motto is a perfect description of their primary assignment – transforming lives via nutrition.

Instinct is a great brand that offers different food types that ranges from 100% raw frozen meals to freeze-dried, raw-coated kibble. Their products are of high standard quality and safety. Their motto summarizes what they do – incorporate raw food into your pet’s diet.


Nama is a brand that provides different food types to cater to the different taste buds of your cats. They aim to bring your cats raw and transparent products. As the producer of the most popular food type made in Singapore, they offer gravy wet can food with different flavors available from salmon to white fish.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a brand that believes in enriching pets’ health by nourishing them. They offer food based on different breeds and different age ranges. Additionally, they offer retail range and vet range food.

Atas cat

Atas cat is another local brand in Singapore. It is well-known for tantalizing wet food which makes it great at helping cat owners know how to make their pets eat. Their products include wet food, dry food, treats and even cat litter. The major benefit of Atas cat food is that it helps prevent dehydration for cats that don’t drink enough water.

Taste of the wild

Taste of wild is a brand that seeks to provide quality, affordable dog and cat foods with protein sources that are based on your pet’s natural diet.  The unique proteins added to the diet include bison, smoked salmon, wild boar, roasted duck, angus beef, and venison. With them, you can get food created on your pet’s ancestral diet


Orijen is a brand whose mission is to nourish as nature intended.  They help provide dogs and cats with protein-rich food by featuring in their diet unmatched amounts of WholePrey animal ingredients. They offer a poultry diet for kittens, adults, and seniors, as well as a special diet: grain-free and indoor/healthy weight.

Primal Feline

Primal Feline seeks to provide good nourishment to pets the way nature intended. So, they offer balanced bases, topper & hydrators, treats, bones & chews, freeze-dried nuggets, and raw frozen prozo (raw and frozen meat).


Purina is a brand established in 1829 and has remained passionate about producing pet food, ensuring pets are kept happy and healthy. They offer a wide range of cat food.

Feline natural

Feline natural strongly believes in giving cats the best.  They sell cans, pouches, freeze-dried, treats, milk, and tripe.  Some of their best-selling products include Green Tripe Booster, Lamb – 85g / 3oz, Lamb Green Tripe Freeze-Dried Booster – 57g / 2oz, Lamb Healthy Bites – 50g / 1.76oz, and so on.

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