Top 15 Podcasts to Learn Spanish

In today’s technological age, learning Spanish online with online tutors is an excellent option. Access to Native-speaking tutors has never been easier, thanks to technological advances that make it simple to connect with them via virtual classrooms and communities. 

Easily find your ideal Spanish Tutor with a single click; sign up for a free trial lesson and learn Spanish on your own time and at your own pace. You can also find Spanish tutors near me!

Except for online classes, Podcasts are also becoming one of the most popular forms of media in the education industries. Learning and improving your language skills through a Podcast has numerous advantages: convenient and simplified, a variety of new and diverse topics and discussions, and broadening your horizons. 

How to choose the right podcast for you? 

It is critical to choose a podcast that is at the appropriate level of difficulty to allow you to learn Spanish successfully

In this article, we’ll show you 30 fantastic Spanish podcasts that will help you learn the language in no time. 

Spanish Pod 101

Spanish Pod 101 is one of the most extensive Spanish Podcasts, with 1800 lessons!

Duolingo Spanish Podcast

Duolingo provides podcasts with a variety of episodes in all difficulties to learn Spanish and a transcript of their episodes.

Coffee Break Spanish Podcast

Hosted by language teachers and native speakers with constructive lesson-focused episodes. 

Spanish Obsessed

Podcasts with transcripts and supplementary materials of varying difficulty and accents from around the world, not all of which are free.

Providing natural conversations, all of the podcasts are free, but the learning Spanish worksheets, vocabulary tasks, webquests, and transcripts are only available to members.

Notes in Spanish

Including a number of genuine conversations and interviews. They claim that their podcasts will teach you authentic Spanish.

Light Speed Spanish

For over a decade, the hosts have been teaching Spanish. With 200 10-minute episodes, they promise you will learn Spanish “at the speed of light!”


With over episodes released since 2021, Audiria investigate Spanish culture, cooking, film reviews, and a variety of other real-life topics

Focusing on a different grammar topic, including pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary lessons, mini-quizzes, and verb tests.

Tres Cuentos

Focused on Latin American stories, culture, history and literature. Other guests were invited to narrate stories, analyze and discuss the culture and history behind those stories.

News in Slow Spanish

515 5 minute-episodes cover news topics and offer transcripts and other study materials: grammar points, quizzes,pronunciation exercises. 

Discover Spanish

Aimed at beginners, the podcast with educational lessons has been around for over a decade.

A–Zero To A–Hero

A fantastic beginner-level podcast focusing on introductory Spanish grammar, verbs and conjugations, and other aspects of the Spanish language.

15 Minute Spanish for Your Job

It improves students’ vocabulary and grammar comprehension by translating and analyzing conversations in each episode.

StoryLearning Spanish Podcast

Daily podcast aimed at intermediate Spanish learners, produced by the author of “Short Stories in Spanish”.

So, which is the best Spanish podcast for you? The one you enjoy!

It is critical that you select one that you enjoy, one that keeps you coming back for more, and one that keeps you motivated to keep learning Spanish. So, based on the above 30 options (and more! ), we are confident you will find your ideal match to help you on your Spanish learning journey. 

Learn Spanish in a More Effective Way!

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