Top 3 Degrees to Help Build Your Business Career in 2022

Five Career Choices in Education

Despite the introduction of numerous new degree options throughout the years, business remains one of students’ most popular degree options. Suppose you ask a university freshman what master’s program they want to pursue. In that case, they will rapidly spit out the title MBA without pausing to think about it. They are most likely to suggest an MBA without knowing much more because they frequently hear individuals pursuing various fields. Not only that, but even undergraduate business degrees are gaining significant value in recent years. A well-known example is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. 

The fact that a business career has a lot to offer throughout the life span is one of the reasons why these business degrees are becoming immensely valuable. That is exactly what one thinks about while deciding on a professional path. Individuals who graduate as business students are welcomed in various fields, including healthcare, education, and music. Last but not least, a business profession provides employment stability and progress along with a decent salary package. 

If you’re unsure whether or not you should pursue a career in business, this is an indication that you should. And especially if you are eager to gain additional practical experience and possess strong communication abilities and entrepreneurship skills. Here are three degrees that will help you build a business career:

Bachelor’s/Master’s in Accounting: 

A successful career is one in which you can be confident that your skills and knowledge in a specific subject will be of the same or more value in 10 years as they are now. Every business must maintain a record of its financial transactions for a set amount of time. They’ll need someone to describe the cash flows and financial condition even after a decade. With so much demand in the market, don’t you think having a basic understanding of accounting and its processes would help you land a high-ranking position? An individual with an accounting degree is more likely to get steady employment as a Tax Auditor, Budget Analyst, Certified Public Accountant, Financial Manager, and so on.

Being a Financial Manager is regarded as one of the top ten finest company positions. If a bachelor’s degree isn’t enough to get that dream job, a Master’s degree in Accounting will undoubtedly help. Consider these Three Ways To Boost Your Career with an MBA in Accounting Degree. That includes Working closely with corporate leaders, knowledge of managerial accounting, and applying valuation models are all advantages. To summarize all that, a person with a Master’s in Accounting will be proficient beyond the scope of their current position, and promotion will be close around the corner.

Bachelor’s/Master’s in Marketing:

A marketing professional is another in-demand role in a company. In light of their market competitiveness, they require someone to showcase their company’s name. Apart from that, almost everyone else will want to contact a marketing expert. Who knows how to use SEO, develop ads, and make smart marketing decisions to thrive digitally.

To create a profession out of a marketing degree, you’ll need innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities. If you believe you possess any of these qualities, this field may be a suitable fit for you. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that a marketing degree leads to exciting and fast-paced employment. It’s as though all of your hard work is paying off, and you’re embarking on a lifelong professional path with a wide selection of possibilities to pick from.

MBA in Project Management:  

Suppose you believe you have leadership skills and handle situations in the most critical stages. In that case, you might consider leveling up your career path and preparing to have a position as a project manager. Regardless of your bachelor’s degree, MBA in project management is for the ones who are all-in for planning, monitoring, controlling, and executing a project efficiently. There is a reason why most bachelor’s degrees have a core project management course in their curriculum. 

An MBA in project management is like the cherry on top of a cake. You’ll have more employment alternatives, a bigger world view, and more earning potential. Because everything these days is business, it’s necessary to have a working understanding and skill set of how it all functions, and this program covers everything. Suppose you have a bachelor’s degree in information technology or engineering and wish to pursue an MBA focus in project management as a post-graduate degree. Then the gate of more opportunities will be unlocked for you.


A business career offers several benefits, ranging from work promotion to professional development. Building a successful career path in business is the finest vision one can have. With the tremendous change in how firms have opted to function, several business degrees that were previously unrecognized are now considered must-haves. The market is extremely competitive, and with sectors such as entrepreneurship becoming increasingly popular, everyone is contemplating pursuing a career in business. The degree programs listed above are among the most in-demand. They will certainly lead to a successful employment position with job stability and expansion. If you’ve discovered that your interests are drawn to a different major, you have a wide range of options. If you start looking about, you’ll discover a profusion of possibilities.

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