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Top 4 Best Rooms-for-Rent You Can Find in Singapore

If you’re out for a long-week vacation in the beautiful country of Singapore, or if you’re someone looking for convenient places to rent rooms, it’s best that you find the coziest and most conducive rooms you can that best fits your preferences and needs.

From private apartments, condo rooms, peaceful hubs, and more, you’ll surely be amazed at what Changi, Singapore has to offer.

With this, here are the top 4 best places offering room-for-rent in Changi, Singapore that you should definitely check out:

1.Mount Emily & Dhoby Ghaut

Mount Emily & Dhoby Ghaut is ideal for those who especially love places that are bustling with history and life. A site where traditional Indian laundry operators reside, the Dhoby Ghaut reeks of great historical background and significance. The current Dhoby Ghaut visited by travelers alike today has since been modernized, containing distinguished landmarks, shopping complexes, as well as ornate cafes. With so many places to explore, Dhoby Ghaut is one of the top options where people can choose to rent their rooms.

It’s also interconnected with a lot of the city’s key destinations. Commuting is convenient as well since there are available MRTs alongside many bus stops, too. Its colorful ambiance and atmosphere make the Dhoby Ghaut a well-known hang out place among students within the nearby-situated institutions. Food enthusiasts will also love this place as it comprises an array of eateries and hidden food gems.

2. Lavender & Farrer Park

Lavender & Farrer Park also provides room for rent in Changi, Singapore. Here, you get a lot of benefits from exploring a room to rent from a dependable co-living company. Not only do you cut down on cost, but you’re also able to maximize your stay at the same time. Farrer Park is situated in a place surrounded by wonderful traditional shophouses. If you’re feeling up to shopping, the City Square Mall is also nearby for you to indulge in retail therapy for as long as you want. You can also find local food here and even drop by the 24-hour open Mustafa Center, which is a gem of a place that sells almost everything you need.

  1. Changi & Tampines

If by any chance you prefer a quiet and peaceful area away from the city’s noise and bustle, then Changi & Tampines is the most recommended place for you. Home to world-class establishments and modern attractions, it is a ten-story hub that combines artistry, nature, and excellent architecture.

This is also perfect for professionals who are working at the Changi business Park or for travelers who prefer to be situated near the airport. Rooms for rent in Changi, Singapore, that are available here make commuting fairly convenient for both business travelers and professionals alike. Also, this place hits the jackpot for people searching for calmer and serene neighborhoods as well.


For those who are more inclined or interested in condo rooms for rent, Cove has your needs delivered. With the scarcity of land available accompanied by expensive living costs, it can be pretty difficult to look for condo rooms in Singapore. However, Cove recognizes the need for condo rentals. Affordable and elegant at the same time, Cove provides whole apartments to single-room condos that are situated within locations containing great amenities, which is excellent for professionals and travelers alike.

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