Top 5 Best Samsung Phones Under $499

Top 5 Best Samsung Phones Under $499

Shopping for a new Samsung smartphone under a budget of $499? We are fortunate to live in an era of affordable yet quality mobile phones, where supply and access to the latest models are no longer a problem. There are a variety of smartphones on the market that suit every type of budget, from every brand.

Popular manufacturers like Apple, Huawei, Vivo, Google, and Samsung offer budget-friendly options on top of their premium products. While having several options is great, it makes choosing the right mobile phone quite challenging. Once you ascertain a phone within your preferred price range is available, note your priority features and read reviews about your possible picks before buying.

In terms of affordability, quality and durability, Samsung phones top our list. Most smartphones under this brand are well-rounded, showcase a number of features, have advanced specs and can last for six to eight years on average (if treated with care). For your next shopping spree, you might want to consider one or more of these Samsung smartphones:

1. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Top 5 Best Samsung Phones Under $499

The Samsung Galaxy A71 5G has been on the market for more than a year now. It was the inspiration behind the recently launched Galaxy A72, which boasts fresh hardware albeit without 5G connectivity. Among a roster of new and upgraded Samsung phones for sale, this model continues to carry its own weight. Previously pegged at $599, retail prices have dropped since then. At some smartphone retailers, you can purchase the A71 5G for $499 below.

The starting price of $599 is considered relatively cheap for a 5G phone. Now, with the price drops, there is better value for money. This model has a good battery life, performs well for the most part and can connect with 5G networks. Also worth noting is its 6.7-inch OLED screen, which gives a similar big screen feel to Galaxy Note models. Other notable features: Android 10-11 OS, 128 GB internal storage, quad camera, fingerprint sensor, and octa-core processor.

2) Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Top 5 Best Samsung Phones Under $499

The Galaxy S20 models released in 2020 have impressive specs, but looking at your own budget, retail prices of around $999 just do not cut it. But the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE model,  basically a watered down version of the S20 but still packs some of its best features for less than $300. Comparable to the new Apple smartphone offerings, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has features that can give the iPhone 12 a run for its money.

This unit is not only 5G-ready, its Snapdragon 865 system-on-chip and  120Hz refresh rate guarantee fast connectivity, smoother scrolling and hassle-free surfing. Just a little smaller than the A71, S20 FE sports a 6.5-inch OLED display. Though it lacks the high powered 64MP lens of the regular S20, its 8MP camera still offers room for surprise with Space Zoom – a feature that allows users to capture high-resolution images in 3x and 10x Hybrid Optical Zoom.

When it comes to value for your money, Galaxy S20 FE is a good choice. However, you will have to compromise with other features you might not find convenient such as slow charging. This unit has a plastic case and is much lighter than the S20 models. But since it’s not everyday you get to enjoy premium features at reasonable costs, buying this mobile phone could be worth it. Samsung has a habit of launching replacements towards the end of the year, so you might want to be on the lookout for the Galaxy S21 FE and postpone your purchase until then. Notable features: up to 256GB internal memory, stereo speakers, Samsung Pay, virtual proximity sensor, and available in 6 cloud colours (Lavender, Mint, Navy, White, Red, Orange).

3) Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

Top 5 Best Samsung Phones Under $499

Just when you think high calibre mobile phones can’t get any cheaper, Samsung comes up with the Galaxy A52 5G. This new model is slowly becoming popular among young professionals, showcasing premium features on top of an excellent 6.5-inch screen display. Much like the S20 FE, its refresh rate covers up to 120Hz – truly a value for your money given its price point. And that’s not all. Buying this unit entitles you to four years worth of security updates, plus major OS upgrades in the next three years.

Add 5G connectivity with a competent support policy, the A52 5G is the definition of worthy investment.

No one ever imagined that a smartphone for under $499 would offer the same premium features found in expensive models. If you need long battery life, large display screen, smooth scrolling, easy surf, several connectivity options, and a good camera, the A52 5G will exceed your expectations. Notable features: Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection, Snapdragon 750G 5G chipset, IP67 water/dust protection, up to 256GB internal storage, and available in four colours (blue, white, violet, black).

4) Samsung Galaxy A12

Marketed as a smartphone that “looks good as it feels”, this model retails for an impressive $200 below. It comes in four colours – white, black, red and blue – with one selfie camera and four rear cameras. The quad camera system consists of the main camera (48 megapixel), an ultra wide camera (5 megapixel), a depth camera (2 megapixel), and a macro camera (2 megapixel), giving your shots more variety, details or custom options. This smartphone is protected by Samsung Knox, which gives it several layers of security and prevents malware and virus threats from compromising your personal data.

Other notable features of this Samsung phone that might impress you: 15-watt adaptive fast charging, 5,000mAh battery that lasts throughout the day, octa-core processor, and One UI Core features (lets you change between light and dark mode). You can also get the A12 model for cheap by availing of a monthly carrier plan. An unlocked unit can also be purchased for less than its original retail price in some stores.

5) Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Similar to the A52 5G, the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is a unit worth considering under the $499 below price range. Budget-wise, you can rest assured it’s not going to cost you much. Your phone will also enjoy security updates in the next four years. Camera quality is good but, if taking high resolution photos is a priority for you, a different Samsung model offers a better experience. This unit does appear durable if you do not mind the slightly slower refresh rate screen and less organised software.

Features of the A32 5G that may appeal to you: 15-watt fast charging, built-in loudspeaker, fingerprint and virtual proximity sensors, octa-core processor, quad camera, up to 126GB internal memory, Android 11 OS, 5G connectivity and available in a variety of colours (black, white, blue, violet). A good mobile phone that lasts and, for its price bracket, is well worth the purchase.

Buying the Right Samsung Phone

With a long list of Samsung phones for sale under $499, it stands to reason why picking the model that suits you best can be difficult. On the brighter side, if you have a clear idea of the features you want, you would surely find the phone that ticks all the boxes.

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