Top 5 Packaging Companies for Printing Finest Custom Eyelash Boxes

Top 5 Packaging Companies for Printing Finest Custom Eyelash Boxes

Product packaging can make or break an impression about your brand and products right there. Many customers would reject an item for being blandly or poorly packaged; others would feel reluctant to buy the beauty items presented in uninteresting and scratched boxes. Shoppers looking for false eyelashes are quite particular about how they are presented and promoted. They will not like to purchase falsies in cheap quality boxes. So, you have to be meticulous with designing and printing the packaging for lash extensions. A printing professional would better guide you about the different steps involved in the printing process and how to choose the right customizations for the boxes.

Talking out your concerns and inclinations with a knowledgeable and skilled printer gets simpler. You don’t have to put in effort explaining and showing the kind of packaging you require. It all starts with finding an experienced packaging manufacturer that is familiar with the latest industry trends and techniques. The quest can turn out to be a little tricky and taxing at times, but you surely wouldn’t like to get your boxes for retail printed by an amateur vendor. Start exploring the printing services providers’ options on the internet and in the local market. You will run into different printers that will claim unbelievably stellar services and low prices.

Don’t get carried away by such enticing offers. You should do your search thoroughly to vet the veracity of such promises before falling for them.

In today’s post, we share reviews of the five most reliable packaging companies for customizing false lash boxes!

The Legacy Printing

Top 5 Packaging Companies for Printing Finest Custom Eyelash Boxes

About the Printer

The packaging manufacturer has been serving the diverse printing needs of all kinds of businesses across the US for quite a while now. The printing provider has assisted many startups, medium-scale enterprises, and top-notch brands successfully pitch and promote their products through intriguing and impactful boxes. The online printing company has a team of talented and trained professionals who are adept at providing personalized and delightful service experiences to clients. The printing provider stands for innovation and service excellence, so it has managed to maintain its standards really well over the years.  The packaging manufacturer is well-acquainted with customizing boxes that help with magnifying the effect of branding and promotional efforts. If you are looking for coruscating cosmetic packaging, the printer has an array of artwork, style, stock, and finishing options available to match your needs.

The box supplier has a knack for printing interactive packaging. Talk to the graphic designers about the kind of lash packaging artwork you want, and they will provide you design options accordingly. They are familiar with using creative visualization and 3D effects for the boxes’ artwork.

Striking Service Features

The printing provider has the expertise for personalizing all kinds of boxes, especially the retail ones. You can decide on stock, style, size, and other packaging specifications, and the production team will make sure that the boxes are printed your way. Quality materials and the most recent processes are used for manufacturing the packaging. Learn about the techniques in detail by asking a sales or support team’s personnel through email, phone, or chat, and they will guide you. Your favorite eye lash kit from Paris Lash Academy can easily fit in  this custom boxes.

The popularly used stocks like cardboard and kraft for custom eyelash boxes printing aren’t average, they are of unrivaled quality, and you can check them for yourself by asking for samples. Ask the printer to get a packaging item made before getting the bulk order processed and printed. You will not be overcharged for sampling.

Turnaround, Pricing, and Shipping

The turnaround time of The Legacy Printing is just 8-12 days, and you can avail rush services as well. The price packages for the wholesale print job are quite affordable. Without any quantity limitations, you can have the printed items shipped in any US state with zero handling cost. If you want cost-effective lash boxes, this e-printer is the most likable option considering all the aspects.

Packaging Republic

Top 5 Packaging Companies for Printing Finest Custom Eyelash Boxes

This printer offers affordable custom printing for the cosmetic, mailer, takeaway, confectionery, rigid, and other packaging options. You can have your preferred kind of boxes made with stock, style, and finishing options you like. The printing provider is lauded for personalized box design and manufacturing services. You can view the website in detail to see the kind of lash packaging templates available that you can get custom-made. If you are unable to find any layout that fits your products, you can upload a design file. Asking for samples is also leverage you have before getting your wholesale print job processed. The sales and support teams are quite responsive and attentive to detail.

More about the Services

The printing provider puts in the effort to understand the kind of cosmetic company you have and will get the boxes for lashes made considering your target audience and branding needs. You can have all kinds of retail, food and other packaging printed with catchy customizations. There are different die-cut styles available for the boxes. You can check the probability of getting your packaging crafted with a layout you like.

Packaging Republic can be trusted for winsome wholesale box printing solutions. The printer doesn’t have an annoyingly long production and delivery time.


The printer offers three kinds of boxes, mailers, folding cartons, and shipping packaging. You can have nicely printed delivery boxes for cosmetics from this box manufacturer. Designing the packaging items is simpler, and you have material options available, ranging from cardstock to corrugated material.

The box supplier doesn’t take weeks to print and deliver orders, which is also a plus point. Pricing for different products vary, and you have the option to estimate the rate of your print job before placing an order. The printer uses the latest techniques and doesn’t take days to respond to client queries, making it a good option for personalizing your packaging.

Refine Packaging

Top 5 Packaging Companies for Printing Finest Custom Eyelash Boxes

The printing provider has earned good repute and reviews for its gratifying customer service, quality of boxes, and reasonable rate. You can have your packaging designed by the graphics team of the printer that is quite helpful, and you can think outside the box. The stocks used in the manufacturing of different packaging items are of good quality.

The box manufacturing company has a user-friendly website, and you can easily talk out all your concerns and requirements with the support team before placing an order. The turnaround time is not weeks, so overall this printer can be trusted for getting your custom eyelash boxes made.


The packaging provider is well-known for offering a variety of box printing services. Though there is a limitation for product count, the quality and customer service of the printer are liked by many businesses and individuals. The packaging provider prints shipping boxes and accessories like tape and stickers. when ordering customized mailer boxes and labels for your cosmetic packaging to be professionally printed, this printer is a likable choice.

The printing company has a proactive support team to give quick and detailed answers to queries. You can check the pricing of the boxes quantity you require before ordering them.

We hope you find this post helpful in finding a printing partner for your lash packaging customization endeavor!

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