Top 5 Tips to Wear a Hat with Confidence and Style

Top 5 Tips to Wear a Hat with Confidence and Style

Even though hats were necessary for any man or woman in public, society has changed the concept of hats as many people are considering them as an optional choice.

Many people think that the importance of hats has become obsolete and they can serve no purpose. However, this is extremely wrong as an attractive hat can still enhance your beauty and personality. Apart from that, some specific hats will showcase that you’re a gentleman and you know the rules of society. Additionally, hats will also complement your outfit and personality. Despite your fashion sense and skin tone, a perfect hat will undoubtedly make you look better.

If you’re never tried a hat before, you must be confused to try your first hat. Many people become so overwhelmed that they end up wearing a dull or loose hat. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 tips to wear a hat with confidence and style.

Your Hat Should Complement Your Face

The crafting process of hats is different from one another. As there are various stylish hats are available on the market, you have to try hats of different sizes and shapes to determine which one will suit best with your natural properties. Since people first notice the face, an attractive hat will help you to seek attention.

Therefore, wearing a hat that sits perfectly on your face is very important. So, make sure you know about the size of the hat. This is very important if you focus on wearing stiffer hats such as bowler, homburg, and straw boater. These hats won’t stretch and they will easily fit with the size of your head.

Your Hat Should Complement Your Skin Tone

Once you’ve found the perfect fit, the next thing you should remember is the color of the hat. While you’re selecting the color, keep in mind that the color has to complement your skin tone. Since the hat will sit closer to your face, the color will play a major part while you wear the hat.

If you have lighter or pale skin, you need to choose hats with colors like medium gray, charcoal, and navy blue. This type of color will increase the warmth of your skin. On the other hand, if you have an olive skin tone, choose brim hats for womenThey will increase the boldness of your face.

However, if you have a dark skin tone, you can choose any color as all of them will be relevant to your skin.

That Hat Should Harmonize Your Outfit

After you’re done deciding the skin tone, you need to make sure that the hat is capable of harmonizing with your outfits. For instance, if your outfit has a blue and brown shade, a brown hat will look best on you. Additionally, if your outfit has tons of grayish colors, you should go for blue hats. As per Medium, your clothing will indicate your emotions as well as your spending habits.

While wearing your hat in winter, don’t forget to pair your hat with your outwear. This way the hat can complement not just the overcoat but also the scarves and gloves. However, if you want to wear your hat in summer, make sure it’s matching with your normal outfits such as trousers or shirts.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Weather

This is one of the most important things you should keep in mind if you want to wear a hat with confidence. Even though hats are considered as fashion accessories, they also serve a direct function.

On a sunny day, a traditional hat will provide your eyes shaded from the sun. Hats will also protect your head during rainy days. However, soaking the hat with water will damage the material.

Additionally, if you wear a straw hat during summer or spring, it will help you to regulate your body temperature. Wool is the best choice if you want to hear hat in winter. They will make your head warmer.

Consider the Overall Formality of Your Outfit

Some specific hats are more formal than others. For example, the stiffer hat carries more formality than the others. You can also wear top hats as they will complement the overall formality of your morning dress or white tie.

Apart from that, the homburg hats will look good with stroller suits and black ties. The bowler hat will also complement the formality of these outfits, but they are perfect for winter. So, if you want to showcase a summer look, you can wear a straw boater with a black tie.

Even though tons of various hats exist in the market, don’t forget that the stiffness of the hats will indicate its formality as well as the formality of the outfit you’re wearing.


These are the top 5 things you should remember to wear your hat with style and confidence. A perfect hat will not only showcase aesthetic beauty but also makes you look taller. Additionally, it will also increase the power and strength of your mindset.

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