Top 8 Biggest Poker Scandal

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What Do You Mean Poker Scandal?

Casinos are places where a lot of money is handled, online casino games are no different.

The poker industry is one of the biggest in the casino world, and it handles a lot of cash. Because of this, there will always be someone who is out to make a sneaky fortune and exploit the system.

Technology has made it easier to play online, and it has also made swindling cash easier for those with ill intent.

So, with this in mind, what were the 8 biggest poker scandals to ever occur?

#1. The Black Friday Incident.

If you are a poker fan, you undoubtedly know about April 15th, 2011. This is a very notorious date in poker. However, it quickly became known as ‘Black Friday’.

On this day, three of the most popular poker sites had their domains seized, and they were just down for real money playing.

This all happened as a result of the ‘2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act’ which stated that online gambling was illegal.

For the most part poker was unaffected, however in ‘11 things changed, and there was a crackdown that saw many states take steps to legalize the game online. In response to this, funding got taken from these sites, and players had nothing left.

#2. Postle-gate.

One of the most recent scandals we have seen involved Mike Postle (hence Postle-gate), and the Stones Gambling Hall.

The former live host witnessed some play deemed to be questionable by Postle during the live show; she informed the staff at the gambling hall.

Twitter shed some light on the situation and poker lovers came together and observed hours and hours of footage.

Postle seemed untouchable, and it left professional players lost for words. However, it turned out that Postle was actually being fed information about the hole-cards his opponents had. Since the lives were run on delay, it has to be someone working for Stones that was giving him the info.

#3. Ultimate Betting & ‘Absolute Poker’ Super-users.

In the mid 00s, two sister sites ‘Ultimate Bet’ and ‘Absolute Poker’ were both suffering from cheating scandals. There were accusations about players getting information about hole-cards. Eventually an investigation was launched.

It all came to a head when a tournament history of one player was sent out by accident. It revealed that this player had total knowledge of every players’ hole-cards. Absolute poker was fined half a million dollars, and paid out over one and a half million to affected players.

In 08 the same happened with Ultimate Bet, it seemed software employees were responsible. They also had to pay out millions to the affected too.

#4. Dutch Boyd.

At the beginning of the millennium, poker was very different, however the World Series of Poker changed that in ‘03. Poker soon blossomed into a popular industry, however, online poker was still in its early days.

Dutch Boyd was the owner of a site known as PokerSpot.com. However, this site started to experience issues. To fix this, Boyd took off with hundreds of thousands of dollars, and left players with nothing. Hardly a fixed Boyd.

It’s safe to say that Boyd has faced legal issues in many places since this happened.

#5. Original Multi-Accounting.

Multi-accounting is often known, but back in the beginning of the millennium it was not. It is a type of cheating that involves the use of two or more accounts by one user. Using email addresses, and different internet connections, one person can create many accounts and enter them into the same tournament to gain an edge.

The two first known players to be found out for this were known as ZeeJustin online, between them, they had 6 accounts!

#6. The MSN Scam.

This is actually a fairly recent incident. It was a scam that was done by Patrick Antonius and Johnny Lodden.

They battled each other often, however, a new player appeared that wasn’t afraid to play them. After playing with them for a while, he asked them to communicate via MSN Messenger. However… What happened?

It was a bug, he hacked into their computers, and it allowed him to see their cards.

They lost over 3 million dollars before they found out what happened. This hacker has still not been found!

#7. 60 Second ATM Scams.

Technology is our best friend and our worst enemy. What is worse is that poker scammers do not need to even touch the deck to take your cash.

10 years ago, more than a dozen people were charged with stealing over $1,000,000 from the bank via casino kiosks in Nevada and California.

They had found a loophole, taking advantage of a 60-second window in which the casinos allow unrecorded withdrawals.

#8. The Poker Shortage.

After Black Friday allegations started coming out against Full Tilt, a poker site, and it turned out that this site was not a well-oiled machine at all. It was actually only surviving on a daily basis with a shortage in the millions.

The wonders were paying themselves with money they picked from clients and lying to the public and players that money was safe.

Full Tilt has since been bought out and money has been returned, however there are still many awaiting the refund of their cash!

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