Top Benefits of Using an Invisible Hearing Aid

Top Benefits of Using an Invisible Hearing Aid

Hearing is one of the five main senses. Yet over 5% of people across the world require help with their hearing.

This includes 432 million adults and 34 million children. Perhaps you’ve realized you are one of that 5%, and you need a hearing aid.

But they’re so unsightly. If only you could find an invisible hearing aid.

Well, you’re in luck. Read on and learn the top benefits of these discrete gadgets that may be just right for you.

What Is an Invisible Hearing Aid?

There are five different types of invisible hearing aids. These are:

  • IIC hearing aid which is the smallest invisible hearing aid worn deep inside the ear canal
  • CIC aids are similar to IIC but not situated as deeply with a tiny removal cord remaining visible
  • ITC hearing aids that allow for more control although not as discreet
  • BTEs which sit behind the ear with the receiver in the body of the hearing aid
  • RICs are also behind the ear but with a wire leading to the receiver inside the ear canal

Who Benefits? 

Invisible hearing aids are best for those with mild or moderate hearing loss.  They are more stable when in position than their bulkier counterparts, so do not need constant adjustment.

They have automatic volume controls, which means they are suitable for all ages. They are ideal for children, and people with dexterity issues.

The Benefits of an Invisible Hearing Aid

All ages of people can benefit from these. They are custom-made so form a unique fit. This makes them comfortable to wear and easy to ignore:

Invisible to Outsiders

The discreet appearance means that in most cases, it is only visible to the user. The body of the hearing aid lies either deep in the ear canal or with the tip inside the canal.

The IIC (Invisible-in-the-canal) model of hearing aid is almost undetectable. This is great for someone self-conscious of their hearing problem.

Psychological Benefits

The psychological effect of hearing loss can be traumatic. The afflicted person may lose out on physical interaction. This can be due to either not hearing at all or misunderstanding the conversation.

With these invisible hearing aids, not only is hearing improved, it minimizes the person’s disability. It is less embarrassing. They can fulfill their daily responsibilities without constantly having to ask people to repeat themselves.

Hearing loss is often linked to depression. It can also lead to a loss of memory and thinking skills. Wearing a well-fitting hearing aid can prevent these harmful psychological effects.

Where the invisible hearing aids cost more than the cheaper, bulkier options, it is a decision that will likely last a lifetime. So if your hearing is causing you problems, do make inquiries at hearing test clinics close to you.

Excellent Sound Quality

As a result of sitting deep inside the ear canal, invisible hearing aids receive sounds more naturally. This cuts down on the blocked-up feeling experienced by other larger models.

It also cuts back on internal vibration and feedback, for example when holding the phone to your ear.

The best invisible hearing aid for sound is probably the IIC. However, you should receive guidance from experts to make the wisest decision.

Enjoy Your Life Despite Your Hearing Deficit

Hearing plays an important role in our day-to-day lives. Yet, as we’ve seen, many people face an impairment to this sense. You will likely be able to have your hearing adjusted in a way few people will even notice.

If you are aware that your hearing is beginning to decline, don’t hesitate to consider investing in an invisible hearing aid. It could change your life.

Do take a look around our site and keep checking back for further interesting updates. Our goal is to increase your ability to enjoy life and forget your hearing problem.

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