Top Five Signs You Need Home Pest Control Services

Detecting pests in your home is not always easy. Unfortunately, pests can pose certain dangers for your house and your family. To increase your protection, here are five of the top signs that you need professional pest control services. 

1. Store-Bought Products Do Not Eliminate the Pests

Homeowners often start with store-bought products when attempting to eliminate pests. You may use mouse traps or bug traps to get rid of the problem. However, if the problem keeps coming back, the store-bought products are not completely doing their job.

Pest control experts such as Quality Affordable Pest Control have a variety of techniques and equipment at their disposal to permanently remove pests from your home. Instead of setting new traps every other day, you can let a professional eliminate the threat.

2. Piles of Droppings Continue to Appear

After using a mouse trap or storebought pesticide, you may notice that droppings continue to appear. Bugs and rodents leave waste just about everywhere that they go. If droppings keep showing up, you likely still have a pest problem on your hands.

If you catch a single mouse in a trap, you are likely to have other mice in your home, as mice reproduce rapidly. An adult female mouse can give birth to a litter every 25 days. After you grow tired of replacing the trap every day or two, consider contacting professionals.

3. Dirt and Grime on Surfaces around the House

Droppings are not the only sign that you still have a pest problem on your hands, as many pests also leave a trail of dirt and grime. The grime should disappear after you eliminate the pests.

For example, grime may appear when rodents crawl across the floor or counters of your home. You may notice that certain areas of your home appear sticky, oily, or greasy a day or two after cleaning. These signs indicate that the pests are still in your home.

4. Damage to Fabric and Furniture

Mice and other rodents are known to damage fabric and furniture. You may notice damage from gnawing on the arms of couches and the sides of mattresses.

Along with small holes and scratch marks, look for signs of nesting. Rodents may shred material, such as stacks of old cardboard, to make nests.

If the problem has spread to the furniture inside your main living areas, you likely have a serious pest issue to deal with. A professional can pinpoint the source of the problem and eliminate the pests safely.

5. Unusual Sounds in the Walls or Attic

Scratching noises coming from the walls, attic, or basement are typically signs of a rodent problem. However, in some cases, the scratching may come from a single field mouse stuck in a wall. Termites and other small bugs can also make scratching sounds as they crawl around inside the walls and flooring.

The scratching sound can be unnerving and may even wake you from your sleep. However, the real threat is the wiring in your home. Mice and other pests scratching around inside the walls may eventually chew or scratch electrical wires, which can increase the risk of an electrical fire.

If you detect any of these signs, you likely need professional pest management services. Do not wait too long for help, as any delay could increase the risk of damage caused by the pests.

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