Top hacks to keep your anonymity on Instagram in 2022

Did you know that Instagram has a lot of features and burning chips that can significantly simplify the use of this social network? It seems that by 2022 all the secrets have already been revealed. But it was not there! Ready to learn something new? Then let’s go!

The coolest Instagram secrets

By mastering these useful tools, you can create great content that will attract new followers and diversify your feed. Among the coolest things are the Instagram saver multiple links in the profile header, animated stickers, hidden hashtags, and anonymous Story viewing.

#1 – Content saving instruments

The оnline video downloader was developed by Inflact. The service is available in the browser for all users regardless of the operating system and device they employ. Just imagine, you can download any video from Instagram for later offline viewing and its author will never even know about it. All you have to do is copy the link to the post where the clip is published and paste it on the main page of the Inflact website. Then press the “Search” button and wait up to 30 seconds. Voilà! The video of interest is already in your downloads. Watch at your pleasure! This also works for pictures, just choose the image downloader to save any photo you like. You can also use Social Scrape a instagram scraping tool that helps you scrape and save all publicly available data in instagram

#2 – Chips for Stories

It is not at all necessary to watch the Stories of your competitors or ex-lovers from fake accounts or block users so that they do not see you in the viewers’ list. Now there are a lot of free anonymous services with user-friendly interfaces. In the first place is also Influx, you can also try Gramotool, Insta-stories, Gramster. If you liked the story so much that you don’t want to say goodbye to it after 24 hours, you can also share a cool picture right on your profile. Click on the story, click on 3 dots in the lower right corner of the photo or video, and select the “Share as Post” option.

#3 Useful Posting Tools

Tired of inappropriate comments? To get rid of spam, we advise you to temporarily disable comments under publications. To do this, before publishing a picture or video, click “Advanced settings” and activate the “Turn off comments” option. Now your posts will collect only likes. You can also achieve a high level of privacy by not being tagged in photos. This is especially true if you did not turn out well in the photo, but your friend posted the photo anyway and decided to tag you on it. In the settings, find in “Photo with me”, select a picture, click on the label and find the item “Remove me from the publication” (or “Hide from my profile”).

So we have listed 3 useful features for Instagram. Of course, there are many more. But the most important trend is anonymity. After all, social networks have penetrated into our lives much deeper than we would like. To give yourself some privacy and use social networks in a comfortable way, use these secrets. But still, it’s better to think well before posting photos from a drunken party. Remember, what is published on the internet stays on the internet.

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