Top Most Important Accessories for Server Racks

Server rack accessories are required for the normal and stable performance of telecommunication equipment. When organizing a data center, you won’t be able to start the system without such tools.

Accessories Benefits

The main features of using supplementary accessories include:

  1. The modern market offers diverse products from various manufacturers. Thus, it is possible to find high-quality tools from reputable producers, and rest assured of the durability of the components.
  2. A wide range of options will allow you to choose the option that suits your hardware.
  3. The cost of such supplementary parts vary. It is possible to pick products to any size of the wallet and purchase good accessories at reasonable prices.
  4. A warranty is provided for the products, which also testifies to the reliability of the manufacturer.

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Top Important Accessories for Server Racks

  1. Rackmount power strip with surge protection

All equipment connected to the circuit is subject to power surges. Any device, and even more so computing hardware, is sensitive to voltage drops. For example, your computer, access control system, IP surveillance cameras, network switch, and router can be damaged if a power surge occurs. Moreover, voltage drops can occur not only on power lines but also on data lines. Power cables with surge protection are used to stabilize the voltage in the devices. They protect the hardware connected to the network against short circuits. Surge protection devices will help to minimize damage from voltage surges in the network.

Each filter is equipped with an automatic device that cuts off the power supply in the event of a short circuit or critically high voltage providing circuit management for uninterruptable operation.

  1. Server rack KVM

KVM switches and consoles help remotely and locally connect to multiple computers. The KVM console is the main element of remote control. It allows simultaneously connecting I/O devices to multiple computers. The console is equipped with a keyboard, touchpad, and monitor and fits into a server rack. Using the console, you can locally and remotely manage a fleet of computers or servers.

Consoles have two key parameters – the set of connectors and the number of computers that can be controlled.

  1. Blanking panel

This accessory is installed in the server chassis or rack to maintain proper airflow and temperature.

Leaving empty space in the rack open will result in inconsistent temperatures along the surface of the rack. The underlying principle of airflow control is that the blanking panel helps fill these voids, improving airflow to installed equipment and reducing internal hot air recirculation in the rack. Thus, the use of this accessory is considered an absolute must for better airflow control in the data center.

  1. Server rack ventilation fan

Computing equipment tends to heat a lot. Thus, the issue of providing the system with a proper ventilation system is one of the first cases to deal with. A fan installed inside a server rack can increase airflow and reduce the thermal resistance barrier between the enclosure and the environment. A fan system will maintain the required temperature level and prevent devices from overheating.

  1. 4 post to 2 post rack adapter

This is an adapter that allows mounting a 2-post rack full of servers. A modern server rack can be one- or two-frame. The first model is used to accommodate switches and crossover equipment with a low weight. This structure is freely and quickly dismantled, which ensures ease of transportation and subsequent installation. For ease of use, the racks are equipped with legs, and in some models, there are also rollers that allow you to freely move the product to the desired spot.

Two-post models are more reliable solutions with better rigidity than the previous option. Such products allow placing equipment weighing up to 500 kg inside. Usually, these are UPSs, servers, switches, and other equipment, the operation of which requires high structural strength and stability. The rack is floor-mounted: for ease of use, the delivery set includes legs or casters to guarantee the product’s mobility. The possibility of adjusting the depth of the racks is provided.

  1. Server rack drawer

These are additional drawers for storing service tools. This type of network rack accessories helps store everything that you commonly use for server rack maintenance inside of the rack itself.

Additional accessories for server furniture (including a wall-mount data rack) perform functional tasks. They are aimed at making the operating process more effective, perfect, and smooth.

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